#OYEEZYVIBES | The Inspirational Movement, And What It’s All About.

oyeezy#OYEEZYVIBES | The Inspirational Movement:

If you haven’t already caught on, I’ve acquired the nickname Oyeezy, and the name alone has created an incredible impact on my life. In high school when I came up with name, before I knew it, whenever I did something exciting, my friends would say “OYEEZYYYYYYY!!!!” When I did something off the wall, or made people laugh and feel joy, they referred to me as “OYEEZYYYYYYY!!!!” instead of my actual name, Olivia. I began identifying with the name Oyeezy more than with my own name for quite some time, and inevitably every single one of my social media accounts became “@oyeezyyy
& for about 3 years now, I have created an image and name for myself just like that.


It always sort of psychologically messed with my head because I felt like people liked the ideal, digital world, made up version of myself, more than they actually liked the real me. At this point in my life, majority of the people I know call me Oyeezy while out in a social setting, and even in private I hear Oyeezy more than I do Olivia. A part of me wanted to destroy this persona, this name, whatever it was. I couldn’t understand how a nickname could become such a huge part of my identity, but for some reason, something inside of me always told me that it was special. That it had meaning. That if it had been drawn out for this long, I needed to do something with it. For years I’ve been trying to understand what it is about the name Oyeezy that spread like wildfire, why so many of my friends loved calling me that, why it magnetically identified and gravitated towards me. Did Oyeezy eat Olivia alive?

Now at 20 years old I think I’ve finally found the answer, and the funny part is, it has nothing to do with me. Oyeezy is not my name, not a separate personality, not a persona, not some crazy MPD issue. It’s simply my energy. It is the aura that I radiate onto others. People call me Oyeezy when I’m making them laugh because they identify the joyful energy with the term “Oyeezy.” When people find something I say charming or interesting, they’ll hit me with that “Alright Oyeezyyyyyyy” because they’ve identified the positive side of Olivia and my best energy as “Oyeezy.”

Oyeezy is who I become when I’m releasing my best energy, and that is why I created the idea of “#OyeezyVibes”

#OYEEZYVIBES | The Inspirational Movement:

This purpose of my movement is to inspire others to share their stories with each other, connect with each other, love each other, and find ways to understand each other. Make each other laugh, relate to each other, teach each other. As I have always had this burning desire to connect with people, connect with the Universe, connect to whatever that can help nurture my soul; I have always had a vision of a world where people are not afraid to connect, where they are not afraid of being vulnerable, where they can feel free to be themselves. A way of doing that, is by submitting your story to me. Tell me who you are, and let me show the world that someone like you exists. You could be exactly who someone is hoping to find, or a person who someone is praying exists. Share with me something that can inspire someone else. Share with me your pain and allow it to heal someone else’s sorrow. Let me bring more joy and compassion into the world by having more sources of #oyeezyvibes apart from myself.

Let me tell the world your story. Help me radiate more #OYEEZYVIBES.

I am challenging the world to share their vulnerabilities with me so I can create this movement that I have been brainstorming about for 3 years.

Lets be creative. Lets be our true selves.

Anything that represents self growth, mental reconstruction, inspiration, happiness, intellectual expansion, creativity, anything that can change someones life, or simply brighten their day, use the hashtag #oyeezyvibes.

Let #oyeezyvibes represent whatever it is that sets your soul on fire, or makes your eyes sparkle just a little bit brighter.

The email you can contact me at is cabrera_ojc@outlook.com

Feel free to get to know me. Feel free to share anything with me. Feel free to join me on this movement.

I also will gladly conduct interviews if you do not want to write your story/submit something personally yourself. (Trust me, I know writing is a pain)

Locally, I can easily make time for an interview anywhere. If you are not local in Tampa, FL we can get into contact through FaceTime or Skype, and I can interview you that way.

The options are endless, and I’m willing to work with anyone to make it happen!

As I find myself, I become closer to understanding my life purpose- and this is it. To connect to, understand, love, and inspire people- to help heal the soul of the world.

#OYEEZYVIBES= stories, images, energy, art, or anything that comes straight from your mind, soul, and heart.

Submit something special, and lets together show the world.

Thank you all for everything.

With Love,

Olivia C

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