Love Has Been On My Mind Because Love Is Always On My Mind.

love the city

These days I’ve been letting my behavior towards others serve as a mirror so I can see what I project.

Lately I’ve been paying close attention to the way I love. I’ve been trying really hard to stay true to my core and love people in the way I know how.

I have always heard the quote that if you can’t love yourself than there’s no way you can love someone else, but I would have to disagree on that to an extent. We can love no matter what. Some people pour so much love into others that they have none left to keep, and they don’t want any to keep.

There are a vast amount of selfless people on this earth who love with ALL of their heart even when nobody loves them the same in return. Love should not be given with an expectation back, or with a forward award. Love should be in all one does, and should not be something to hold back with.

Love fiercely. Tell people how you feel. If you are looking at the person you love and they look sexy as ever, kiss them over and over again and tell them how much they mean to you. And then do it again. Touch them, hold them, stare at their smile when they laugh, look in their eyes and truly listen when they talk to you. Allow your heart to grow so in return your ability to love will grow.

Love is the only cure to sorrow. Express it, radiate it, embody it, and spread it onto every person you encounter. There are far too many shitty things in life and inside of our hearts, but love will never be one of them. Love is the greatest gift to man kind. Without love, life is remarkably empty and vague.

If you cant love yourself, work on it. In the meantime, love others instead. Love them so fucking much that you don’t even notice how much love is missing inwards towards yourself. Project it all outwards and you will never feel unfulfilled.

I don’t care how empty you feel, love is the greatest cure for your emptiness. If you love someone, please don’t just tell them when the moment for you to occurs. Instead, show them. Prove your love. Show people how much they mean to you. Do kind things for them. Give them the one gift most valuable- time. Give them honesty. Give them the real you.

Give your true self to people so if they do decide to love you back, you know they love you for who you genuinely are. Just love. Love others, love yourself- but most importantly, love both intensely.

Since I was a little girl I craved romantic, raw, and intense love.

I still do.

I believe love is the most special thing on this Earth, and the real source for what makes it go around.

It doesn’t matter who you love or what you love, the heart has no eyes, it knows no time. Love should be boundless. Love should be free. Love should be exhilarating. And the thing is- I know I’ve always been one with a lot of passionate focus on love. I know I’ve always been someone who loves with a rare intensity that not many people can endure, or were raised to understand.

Someone will though.

And however it is that you love, there is someone out there who will be so thankful that you exist. Someone will be so happy to find you and be loved by you. You are what someone is searching for. So do yourself a favor, love yourself, and then let them find you.

Let them love you. Let yourself let go, and then love them too.

Love is all around you, once you let yourself see.

If you love someone and after reading this their name trickled across the forefront of your mind, let them know today. Let people know how much they matter to you.

Continue to fearlessly and passionately love.

I know I will.


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