#OYEEZYVIBES: The Inspirational Movement | Lessons of 2015.


If you’re reading this right now, I have some good news, and I have some bad news. I like the good news first, so here it is- you survived one of the toughest years for everyone on Earth collectively. No joke. The new year is approaching in less than 3 days, and you fucking survived 2015. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. Heres the bad news- you had to live through the toughest year for everyone on Earth collectively, no joke, and you probably learned a lot of painful lessons and endured some very painful experiences. But I guarantee you, they made you a better person today than you were when this year started.

In 2015, I have summed down my top 5 crucial lessons that were forced upon my soul to learn this year. Out of the 20 years I have lived so far, 2015 by far has been the year where I took the most losses, learned the most lessons, made the most mistakes, and saw myself for who I really was multiple times- and each time I looked at my own reflection, something shook up inside of me and made me realize how much better I truly was than I had ever believed or thought I was. I revealed my own true colors this year, my own true colors leaked out like wet paint over a canvas throughout the entire year, and I am now at a place where I am better than I have ever been. Earlier today, Kylie Jenner posted a video on her Instagram tagging “Elle” and her caption said, “This has been such an amazing year & every moment was a learning experience. There has been so much light and love in my life and only in the past few weeks have I realized the importance of staying true to myself. I am very much over people telling ME who I am. We are all in this together. Let go of all the negative people and energy in your life.. Because 2016 is lookin real good from over here.” I couldn’t have said that any better myself. Every moment of this year has been a learning experience for me, and I know collectively we all have been doing a lot of growing and analyzing this year. Kylie Jenner is right, it is VERY important to stay true to ourselves. At the end of the day, the number one lesson I have learned this year which I believe deserves first place, is

  1. The key to success is being 100% yourself, because nobody else in this world can be like you. By being yourself, you make yourself untouchable.

For as long as I can remember I seeked so much approvable. I needed it from my friends, my family, from boys, associates. Etc. I needed approval so badly that I couldn’t even make a decision without running it by someone first. Not until this year did I realize that I know me better than anyone else, and everything that I truly want, I am the only person who is going to give it to me. Everything that I am, everything that I am not, matters to my development. My talents, my dreams, my mistakes, everything that involved decision making in my life at the end of the day came down to me and my truth. This year I learned that we HAVE to stay true to ourselves before we can realize what it is that we really want. We have to come to terms with who we are and love who that person is, and then we must embrace it, radiate it, and use it to its fullest potential to reach whatever it is our heart desires. We must be 100% ourselves at all times. It is the only way we can reach true success. Stay true.


  1. People and exterior things can’t fill voids inside.

As much as we want them to, people can’t fix us. The love from someone else will not replace the absence of love you have for yourself. Having sex with someone will not make them love you or like you, doing drugs and getting fucked up all night, you’ll still wake up the next morning broken as you were the night before. Nothing can fill your voids, and nobody can fix you except yourself. It doesn’t work, trust me. You will only be left embarrassed, hopeless, and feeling more empty. So please, stop avoiding your voids. Realize where they come from, take responsibility for your pain, and stop expecting another human being or other things to fill the pain that only lives inside of you.


  1. Action is the only cure to indecisiveness.

If you want to do something, stop talking about it. Stop dreaming about it. Stop thinking about it. Create an outline for it. Envision it happening, and then go make it happen. If you allow yourself to sit around dreaming about a better life, you’ll live a life just dreaming about a better life. Forever. Change requires action. If nothing is happening, its because you aren’t making anything happen. If you have an idea, go for it. It really is that simple. If it ends up sucking or it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter- at least you tried. One of the biggest mistakes (and I don’t even believe in mistakes) is how much time I wasted dreaming of the person I wanted to be, and all of the things I wanted to do. It wasn’t until late this year it finally hit me, that if I wanted anything in my life to be different, I had to work for it, and I had to work hard. This year I worked for who I have become, and I worked for every single thing I accomplished. I took 7 classes Fall semester, I put in time on this blog, I lost a little weight (still working on that) and every single thing I knew in my mind that I wanted, I worked for. I stopped dreaming about who and what could be, and I just put in the work to let it become. Take action. Take risks. You owe it to yourself to give it all you got.


  1. Be your own number one fan.

This year I let a lot of people treat me badly. I allowed myself to be in many positions where I knew I would end up embarrassed and hurt. This year a lot of people hurt me- and only because I allowed them to. For majority of this year I was in a dark place, and until around November, I truly didn’t realize I was attracting all of these bad people into my life simply because of all my bad thoughts. I didn’t love myself, so I was attracting people who would never love me. I didn’t respect myself, so people were entering my life without any intentions of having respect for me. I realized the power of being your own number one fan. Once I got accepted into UCF and I finished my winter class, I felt true happiness. I thought to myself “I finally did it.” I really got through the semester, and I really did what I had to do to make sure I was going to UCF. In that moment, I became my own number one fan. And no kidding, that next day, I met 3 different people who like magnets entered my life, and swept me off my feet. Ever since that day, I started receiving love, appreciation, respect, and good vibes on a daily basis- and that is because that is what I now am finally projecting. Because I am my own number one fan, I will only allow other people in my life if they are a fan of me too. No enemies allowed. And no number one fan is needed, because I can do that on my own. Please, allow yourself to arrogantly be proud of all that you are, and all that you’ve accomplished. And then humbly realize that you worked for it and deserve to love yourself. You have every right to be your number one fan. You’re your greatest trophy. Even when you don’t feel like it, you still are.

And last but not least:

  1. To get the things you really want, you have to do things that make you feel really uncomfortable, but you must proceed anyway.

Comfort zones are the enemy. Trust me on that. If you want to make a difference in your life, in someone else’s life, if you want to make a difference at all in any way, you better get out of your own way and go do it.
Do what feels uncomfortable. Push pass your comfort zones. You have to do things you never did before to get the things you never had before. Push forward. Push yourself further than you’ve ever gone. Test your own strength. Really, just get out of your own way and believe in the possibility that not only you can, but you will.


Its cliché to do a list of lessons, but I’m a blogger and I have to somehow organize my writing. To be honest, I learned many more lessons. Like, don’t let love distract you or hold you back, don’t manipulate people with sex or lies, don’t live for your family, don’t talk bad of others or of yourself, it’s okay to take medicine for your mind just as much as it is okay to take medicine for your body, nature is healing..
I could go on for days.
But the greatest thing I learned most definitely, is the importance of being your true self. I believe that is the first step towards happiness and the very key to success.


This year has been painful. People entered my life and only served as lessons and messengers of insight. I experienced painful realizations about myself and saw myself in lights I was blind to before. I got hurt, and hurt myself many times this year, but that is why I now stand on my own two feet in my own shoes ready for the new year. I’m taking every L with me, and working on the W. I’m coming for everything I feel I deserve, because I have been working for it all, and I know if one stays true to exactly who they are, whatever it is they want is already on its way to them.

Trust. Believe. Keep the hope alive, and never ever stop fighting for what you want. Never stop fighting.
Be yourself, and just watch how your life starts to unravel. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. It’s a beautiful experience watching yourself fall down over and over again, just to rise up and continue to stand.

You probably don’t even realize how much resilience you actually possess.

2015 I believe was the year where everyone’s strength was tested. Everyone’s morals were tested. What did you say you were going to do? Who did you say you wanted to be? What habbits did you say you no longer wanted to carry? 2015 was the year we started realizing everything that no longer serves us. Collectively, this was a year of realization and a painful struggle of trying to push beyond our old habits. They indeed do “die hard.”

Now in just a few days we will be entering a new year, and the time is now. It is now the time to do and be everything that you said you would do and be. 2015 was a year of evaluation, and 2016 is the time to take action.

Let go of what no longer serves you. Remove the bad people and bad habits out of your life. Let the hurt go. Let your old self go. Step into the shoes of the person you truly are.

Forgive yourself of the mistakes you made, realize that you survived, and remember you are still here because you still serve a purpose on this planet. You still matter, so do yourself a favor, and do what your heart desires. Whatever it is you are aching for, go out and work hard for it. Declare it yours now.

2016 is your year. Its our year. Like Kylie Jenner said, “we’re in this together.”

As I wrap this up, I just want to say thank you all for all of the support, and if you’re still reading this- please know that this blog has inspired my life in so many ways. The love and feedback that I receive because of my writing means the absolute world to me. This is my reason, this is my purpose, this is who I am and what I love to do. 2015 was just a warm up. Expect many more posts, more interviews, more actual documentaries, and expect the unexpected from #OYEEZYVIBES in 2016. Expect more. I have many plans, and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Thank you for reading my work. I hope in 2016, you all still continue to do so. I am only learning and getting better by the day. 2016 is looking good on this side. I wish you all the best, and I trust that the best is on its way.

Thank you for reading my last post of 2015, and if I’m lucky enough, I hope I continue to inspire people through all of 2016 as well.


With lots and lots of love,



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  1. OLIVIA… I always enjoy reading your posts, but this one, this post, BLEW ME AWAY! While you are an amazing, beautiful YOUNG lady, you are truly an incredibly OLD soul, a beautiful messenger whose purpose on this earth is to share INSPIRATION to others through LOVE & LIGHT. I wish you peace, love & joy on your journey sweet one, but I know when you encounter less than that, you will see the purpose for it, and use the experience to continue to fuel your journey! Much Love to You Always Olivia! Remember: Our hearts always keep us connected!

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