My mind has been focused lately. Maybe it’s because Mercury has been in Aquarius, and this makes everyone think a little quicker than usual.

Gotta love that natural genius built inside the minds of all Aquarians ūüôā

*Rolls eyes and smiles*


But see I’m a Pisces, and another way to say that- is that I am a creative person who loves to dream.

And even if you don’t give a shit about Astrology, or aren’t a Pisces-

If you’re a creative person or a dreamer, this post may apply to you.


Like I said earlier, I have been doing some thinking. Lots and lots of thinking.


And it kills me, because here I am- this young (in 19 days will be) 21 year old, I’m a junior in college, and all I can focus on all day is the future me, the things I’m going to create, the way I will look, the things I will own, and of course, who am I going to be?

The future, future, future. Over and over and over again.

My mind is flooding with ideas all day long. I have to write them down because they come to me that fucking often, and that fucking quick.

¬†(……Maybe this is why I’m a writer…???)


I’ve been thinking about all of my desires for the future and how they keep coming straight from out of my inner creativity.

These desires, these ideas, these moments of genius,¬†these compulsions that paralyze you because you feel the need that you must¬†create something– with this feeling, this idea, with this dark ass cloud that is stalking over your head. I know I’m not the only one who knows what this feels like.

You feel like you have to create something from the things that touch you.

And you probably have no clue why.

But you just know that you have to, and you know that you want to.


As I reach my 3rd year of College, I ask, why hasn’t anyone ever been able to help me with knowing what educational route I should take?

Why has it never been easy for me to choose a specific path?

This is probably because I have the planet Uranus in my first house, and I’m ruled by planet Neptune……..
But that’s for another post…….

A better question,

Why do we live in a world where its harder to do what you’re best at then it is to follow what other people are doing?

Big dreams?

Yeah, that’s probably what you have. Big ones. I have them too, and they make no fucking sense. Your whole life nobody around you ever had any big dreams quite like yours, or probably¬†something/someone convinced you in believing that your dreams are just “too big.”



Life for a dreamer only sucks when that dreamer isn’t working on their dreams. And¬†life only sucks for a creative person if they aren’t creating the shit they want to create.

And most importantly, whatever you want to do- know that you deserve taking a chance on yourself and pursuing it.

Stop letting the whole world make you feel small, and decide that you no longer accept what you’ve always been told.

!!!!!!!!!!!!Rebuke the entire notion that any idea or dream, is too big, or too crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am still in college, 21 years old, making the deans list, with this burning anger and confusion as to why people are always telling me to think smaller, dream smaller, be smaller, take smaller steps………small, small, small.





Just NO.

I will not condone in that limited way of thinking.


Why shouldn’t I try and be what I think I’m meant to be?


Stop telling people that they are “too much.” There is no such thing as a “too much” person.

Dear society, and all other people who ever said something to me in my life that really pissed me off and made me question my own ability and value of my dreams:

Due to my own mental confidence and sense of identity,

I respectfully have to disagree with you.

Because now I know.

I know now that nobody knows what you’re capable of except for yourself, and nobody believes that you’re truly capable of anything until they see you doing what you said you could do.

We are now in an age where people can be and do whatever they put their mind too. We are in an age where options are endless.

That brilliant fucking mind of yours, please don’t lose it. Please don’t let anyone sell you short. Not ever again. Make it your personal mission to stop allowing people cripple you with their opinions.

{ Intuition.

My life was never the same once I learned about how important and accurate intuition and gut feelings are. }


Now I know how to respond. But in all honesty, it still hurts to hear.¬†And I am¬†still a young person in their 20’s. I am¬†still insecure and scared of failure.

Please remember, I am still becoming.

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.¬†I’m hitting snooze like 8 times a day before I get up and get dressed for class.¬†I don’t know what the fuck is going on half the time.

You’re right, society. I’m young and I don’t know much. You’re right, I’m scared.
Shame on me, and shame on you.

You see, society is right about some things, but not about everything;¬†something society doesn’t know that you¬†do know,¬†is what your¬†heart and mind tell you¬†everyday about who you are and what you love.¬†


Everyone has a spark inside, but not everyone is willing to reach it because they fear they might get burned while trying. 

You want to paint incredible shit and people hang up your art in their houses? You want to do music? You want to be the next incredible Politician who makes a difference? You want to be an E.R doctor and save lives?

What’s stopping you?


When you answer that, then ask yourself this- is that even you talking right now?


Are the voices that tell you “you can’t” even your own voice?

Probably not…..


So listen up and get clear.

Whatever it is that you keep thinking about and you keep dreaming about, please go create it.


Do the world a favor, and give back what it gave you to deliver.



Do us a favor, and do yourself the favor: give us whats eating away at you. Stop letting it hurt you, and let it heal the world instead.

Believe in all of your dreams.
Every single one of them.

Dreams only hurt when we aren’t paying ¬†attention to them.


I believe in creative people.

I believe in logical people, too.




get to know who you are, and if you just so happen to be someone with a dream, please do whatever it takes for you to see that dream manifest.


Create the life you want to live.


Your options are endless.

You will never run out of who you are.

You will always be enough of you.

You will never lose your potential.


And the greatest thing of all,

it will never stop waiting for you to give it the attention its been asking for.


it will not stop dying for you until you finally bring it to life.


So please, do whatever it takes- and don’t let a single person change your mind.







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  1. I LOVED this. I agree with you totally and completely. It never occurred to me to follow my dreams when I was twenty one. I wanted to write. I wanted to design. I became a teacher because that’s what young women did in my era. Teaching or Nursing. I thank God I loved teaching. It gave me an outlet for what I truly loved. I taught children how to express themselves through their writing and designing. Don’t let anything stop you. Live your dreams.

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