#OYEEZYVIBES | The Adventures of The Flower Child & The Star Child (Aries Season)


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Sage, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst Necklace (Devon, The Taurus)
Clear Quartz ring, Amethyst, Stilbite, Silver Topez, Rose Quartz  (Oyeezy, The Pisces)








(Oyeezy)The Star Child’s list of what to embrace on the New Moon in Aries.

After a nice evening at the trendy and local Vegetarian restaurant in Downtown Orlando, FL (Dandelions) and a stop at Avalon (the most interesting crystal and spiritual shop I’ve ever been to) which is right across the street, me and my roommate were ready to embrace the New Moon in Aries. We bought crystals specifically that day and went to the New Moon circle at Dandelions just to celebrate the New Moon vibes that night. The New Moon in Aries took place on the 7th of April, and we both knew that this month was demanding change to happen within our lives. Aries being the sign of “I AM.” Aries represents leadership, courage, and standing up for what we believe in. The Aries New Moon was a message from the Universe asking us “who really are you?” “What do you really stand for?” “Where in your life are you lacking courage and confidence?” Basically, this New Moon was filled with fire energy, and all of Aries season has been wild and fiercely intense.

Anyways, I’m very lucky to have the roommate that I have. Never in my life before did I have a friend that I can talk to about Astrology so in depth, and how if I was a bird I would be a viscous peacock, or how I wonder what it’s like to be a penguin because they’re probably always cold as fuck.

My lovely, Venus ruled roommate is someone I can be myself around. We talk about some of the most vulnerable topics that we don’t even understand why we’re sharing. Basically, it’s nice living with someone who appreciates how weird I am.

Not too long ago we went to a Jewish Supper on a Friday night and as uncomfortable as I was to be there, she pushed me to break out of my comfort zone and just go with the flow. That night ended up being one I wrote down for my memory box; it was a night filled with laughs. That night I laid down at night and felt filled with happiness because great things happen when we get out of our comfort zone. We feel happiness when we tap into the courage inside of us, and the more we dig it out, the more of it that accumulates.

Photo taken of the Drum Circle at Avalon in Orlando, FL.

Going to the drum circle wasn’t anything either of us felt uncomfortable doing; in fact, it was incredibly enlightening being in a place where we felt so in touch with ourselves and our surroundings. As we sat in the dark by the fire, we exchanged short sentences that were stemming right from our hearts deepest wounds. We were talking about all of our insecurities, everything we want to change about ourselves, all of the fragile feelings and thoughts that were pressing against us for some time now. Before we even got to Dandelions, we stopped at Avalon and that’s where I bought the Silver Topaz and Stilbrite crystal, and she bought some new Sage to cleanse our apartment. The Silver Topaz at the store said on its description “clears stagnant energy.” The Stilbrite said “maintains openness, clear thinking.” I was sold.

After holding our bags with our hipster gypsy purchases we felt proud of, we headed to Dandelions. I bought the Clear Quartz ring there, and she bought her breathtaking, gorgeous Amethyst necklace. We felt liberated after purchasing these items because we both believe in energy, and find beauty in all things. Crystals are like candy to us.

We circled around the tiny shop for a solid 30 minutes, reading all of the descriptions for each crystal, smelling all of the healing scents that were burning, and what we both naturally do- take everything in mentally, and fantasize about all of the beautiful things surrounding us. Which of course explains how we both find beauty in spiritual items and find them highly aesthetically pleasing. (this is something Taurus and Pisces strongly share in common. They both have a deep love for the world and all of the beauty in it. They both have strong favorable aesthetics, which they usually share in common.)

Photo of Crystals taken at Avalon in Orlando, FL.


After about two hours of just hanging out at Dandelions, Devon wanted to dance with all of the moonstruck people, but she felt shy. I didn’t feel shy, but I felt too insecure to dance. I could feel the pressure rising inside of me, I kept asking myself, “I really like this place and these people, why am I scared to feel like a part of them?”

Intuitively, I knew we both would feel better if we just said fuck it, and danced around the fire. So guess what we did? We did just that. As we were dancing around, Devon was in her Flower Child world gazing around and dancing with her eyes closed. While I was in my Star Child world, observing every single thing around me and absorbing all of the energy bouncing off of my very existence. I noticed a woman walk up to the fire with a folded piece of paper that had writing all over it, she kissed it with her eyes closed, and then she threw it in the fire. I frantically said “Devon! That’s what we need to do! We need to write everything down that we want to let go of and what we want to let in, and then we need to throw it in the fire and start over! That’s what people are doing! They’re writing! We need to do that!” Me and her have an unspoken bond, so she didn’t even have to respond to me, we both started walking away in search of paper and a pen. We sat inside of Dandelions and used old receipts as our paper. After focusing on what it is we truly want to let go of and what we want to let in, we walked back to the fire with a new sense of hope and excitement. We stood in front of the flames and read our papers as the free spirits danced around us circling the pit. Then we threw them in the fire and danced around the circle to seal our wishes for the Universe.

(Devon) The Flower Child’s list of what to embrace on the New Moon in Aries.

A sense of peace crashed over us, it felt exhilarating to let go of something and let something in at the same time. It felt good to watch something burn away that we no longer want around anymore.

After that, we drove home and listened to music that would fill us up with positive energy, for example, Panda by Future, 2014-2016 by Kendrick Lamar, Father Stretch My Hands, Pt 1 by Kanye West, Wait A Minute! by Willow Smith and much more on our 25 minute drive back to UCF area of Orlando.

The night was ours, and it really felt like we took our power back.

We were on track and in alignment with who we really are. (just like Aries people) More importantly, we had made a decision to consciously start being who we really want to be.

Our true selves.

Even though this is an article that doesn’t show any writing talent, and it isn’t even exciting. If you’re still reading, my point in this entire post is that firstly, it is very crucial to surround ourselves with people who understand us and lift us up. Major changes take place when we let go of toxic relationships and replace them with people who are more in tune with who we really are. We need people around who bring out the best in us.

Secondly, we have to get out of our comfort zone. I’m not Jewish, I didn’t want to go to that event that night- but I ended up making 2 new friends, ate a free meal, and had an educational and extremely exciting night. Devon has taught me about crystals, and I’ve taught her about astrology. We didn’t judge each other for our curiosities or secret passions; in return, we have grown as people because we decided to step out of that non existent boundary we created, and show someone the parts of us we always thought people would laugh at.

But I didn’t laugh, and neither did she.

Who would’ve known.

Lastly, we can’t be afraid of change. We have to be okay with letting go the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us any good. Even if we have to write it all down and watch it burn in a fire- whatever it takes, we have to find a way to let go of all the traits that are hindering us. We have to change. We have to grow. And we have to surround ourselves with people who are proud of us in those moments. We have to find those people who no matter how much we change- love us for who we are, and will still love us for whoever we become.


April has been filled with adventure and love.

I’ve come to understand that when we want more, we have to be willing to open ourselves up. That’s exactly what’s been happening for me.I keep rising to a higher frequency, and it feels amazing. I’m over feeling uncomfortable. I’m over anyone who makes me feel uncomfortable, and I’m over living a life that feels uncomfortable.

April has been amazing.

Life has been amazing.

I encourage everyone to free themselves this month and tap into their inner self. Go on an adventure. Talk to new people. Go buy some crystals, look up their meanings and speak affirmations into the Universe every night. Do some weird shit that you’ve always felt too afraid to do.

Allow yourself to expand so that you can discover new parts of yourself.

Live your life authentically- and everything else, literally, let it burn away to ashes.

• For more information on crystals, keep an eye on my blog for an upcoming post describing the crystals I have bought and what they’ve done for me. Also, there is a Full Moon in Scorpio happening on the 22nd of April which I will be posting about. •

Thank you all.

With lots and lots of love,


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