Car Crash (Poet Vulnerability #3)

I don’t know where I’m going, but I assume I’m on my way

I take all the tolls, and save the red lights for another day

Another day when there’s more time, at least when I have more time to give

I am steering towards the highway, with no intentions to forgive

I am gone and passing by, I never wanted to stay

You keep following me with your headlights on, like it’s a rainy day

I dont feel safe on these paved roads, they twist and swirl and collapse

I remember that first crash, certain moments take me back

I drove right off of the bridge, plunged head first into the Pacific

I wasn’t sure what brought me here, I wish I could be more precise and specific

The tires are yanking downwards, now I’m drowning and sitting upright

Theres no need to unlock my seatbelt, I know things will be alright

I take one last breath before I go under

I’ll admit I was scared of the fall

But the most liberating moment of my life, was in that moment where I decided to risk it all

I took a gamble on my life, and pushed my foot on the gas

Now the interstate has been cursed with fear, from the bloody and impulsive glass

As realities start to alter, and my lungs fill up with water

I really wish right in this moment, I could forget I am someones daughter.

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