Friend Breakups (Poet Vulnerability #2)

You scrutinize me and make me feel small

You talk to me directly, but don’t hear me at all.

You nag and you pick, and you make me feel sour

Plus you never listen, I’m your most dreaded hour.

You’ve cut my strings of compassion, and thrown me off the edge

You make me feel like a burden, like I’m better off dead.

We fight and we argue and we crush each others self esteem

We say too many things, that we don’t know we don’t mean.

‘I’m sorry’ means nothing, just two words to say

I want you close by, but I don’t want you to stay.

Space is now needed, and we’re better off apart than together

The distance that’s grown between us has put me deeply under the weather.

Whether its raining or its cold, or the sun is hot and out

We are breaking each other apart, our friendship circles with doubt.

Trust has faded away, and respect has left, too

I don’t know if we still need each other

I don’t know what we should do.

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