I Am (Poet Vulnerability #1)

I am the rushed customer, who hates slowing down the line.

I am the loud music at three AM, waiting for a sign.

I am watching the moonlight glisten, and the sun start to set.

I am polaroid cameras, and memories I can’t forget.

I am always listening, so that someone is always heard.

I am the bizarre and comedic friend, who’s just a little disturbed.

I am the girl who talks about planets, and how their energy impacts us all.

I am the girl who incessantly feels fear, but is never scared to fall.

I am a heavy soul, crushing the bones in my body.

I am black lipstick and sunflowers, with an essence that’s sort of Godly.

I am the daughter of a single mother, who’s as beautiful as me.

I am abandonment, neglect, and sorrow.

I am the visionary optimist, waiting for something to see.

I am neon colors, and nude women portraits on the wall.

I am pens, paint brushes, and paper.

I am laying in bed, hoping for a call.

I am lonely, brave, and scared.

I’m not sure which way to go.

I am someone who was born to love, with all her heart and soul.

I am the only child, who thinks affection is weird.

I am the awkward hugs, the red cheeks, and the burning, shy, hot ears.

I am secrets within, stories that I can’t tell.

I am a full moon baby, searching for a spell.

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