Full Moon in Leo/Lunar Eclipse Ritual (February 2017)

Happy full moon in Leo, little cosmic beings ūüôā

It is Eclipse season!

Are you ready to ask yourself, who are you, really? Who do you really love? What makes you really happy?!

Let us gather here today to learn the lessons of our gracious, glamorous, and vibrant Leo friends. Rulers of the 5th house, which represents children, creativity, love, confidence, and joy through creation.

Leo teaches us how to love boldly, how to keep our inner child alive, and most importantly, how to be proud of all that we are even if others don’t like it.

Leo’s opposite sign is Aquarius, which is the season we are currently in. Full moons happen when the moon and sun are in opposition. Aquarius is about humanity and the collective, Leo is about the self.

We are now being asked to find a balance between the two, and right now, we must choose ourselves. 

This full moon/solar eclipse is very sovereign and divine because it is setting the tone for the rest of 2017. The North and South node are still in Virgo/Pisces but will be shifting into Leo/Aquarius as of May 2017.

Are you ready to become the star of your own movie? Are you ready to fall in love with someone who makes you feel so alive that you might actually shit your pants? ARE YOU READY TO SET YOURSELF ON FIRE AND FINALLY STARTING LIVING??? WOO!


On this lovely full moon tonight I am here to invite¬†you all to collectively participate in a full moon ritual with me. I have been doing this on my own for over a year now, and have picked up on many other Astrologer’s methods and ideas to add to my own vibe.

Full moons are a time when people are encouraged to release what is no longer serving them. Depending on the theme of the full moon, this being LEO, the Universe is conspiring for us to all let go of what no longer brings us happiness, what no longer is in alignment with our true selves, what we no longer love, and most importantly, what does NOT bring us true inner joy that beams with light.

We are being asked to consciously decide how to live for ourselves, and create our own happiness. Leo knows very well that happiness is indeed a choice. After all, they are ruled by the sun.

As tempting as it may be to become consumed by the world news, media, drama, and negative energy- I beg of you all, turn off the TV and news tonight. Go outside and stare at Luna. Drink your favorite drink, eat your favorite meal, and rejoice in the beauty of life.

Do what a Leo does best, ENJOY YOURSELF.

The Ritual:

Before you start writing things down or setting things on fire. I recommend about 5 conscious minutes spent meditating on what makes you happy. Vision what your greatest life, and your greatest love looks like. Envision bold joy and love.

Now dissect those images and see how much of it already exists. (in other words, harness gratefulness first.) How much of your life are you already grateful for?

The first step is writing down on a piece of paper, or a few sheets of paper (although I recommend keeping it to 1-2 sheets) every statement you write needs to begin with “I release, I surrender, or I let go.” ETC.

I’m a Pisces, so my list tonight is going to look something like:

I release all relationships that do not align with my inner most divine self. 

I surrender to all pain and resentment harnessed inside of me.

I release all toxic emotions and replace them with love.

I release all desire or subconscious needs to make others happy that jeopardizes my own happiness. 

I let go of all indecisiveness and replace it with certainty. 

Get the message?

You need to use I, and you need to replace your problems with affirmations.

You need to be clear. Intentions aren’t meant to be made with foggy vision or rose tinted glasses. Really ask yourself whats hindering you, and really tap into what makes you happy.

Don’t search the internet for answers that only you can seek from within.

Usually after about 10 statements, your energy should start flowing more effortlessly. This is because your subconscious is now spitting out at you, and your energy is flowing in alignment with your higher self.

It’s okay if you feel awkward or uncomfortable, but try to redirect your thoughts and stay focused on feeling joy.

Once you write your list, something I do is burn sage around my house, or just my room, and I clean my space. This isn’t needed, but I highly recommend it.

Oyeezy’s recommend crystals for tonight: Red Tigers Eye, Rose Quartz, and Bronzite.

There’s something about Sage that truly clears out energy. You can use the internet to do some research on the spiritual and cultural benefits of Sage, if you’d like. : )

I drink water, play music that uplifts my spirit (Blessings by Chance The Rapper ft. Ty Dolla Sign, Raury, BJ The Chicago Kid & Anderson .Paak & Ultralight Beam by Kanye West are a must.)

And before I read off my list, I stand still, close my eyes, and I smile.

I think of what makes me happy. I tap into my desire to be happy, I tap into joy and warmth. Once I am in a place where I feel centered, I start to read off my list.

You can do this internally, or out loud. I suggest out loud to register your voice with the affirmations being spoken.

Once I have read the list, I hold onto that warmth and I consciously focus on CHANGE. I focus on manifestation, and I focus on what I want to release because I constantly tell myself how happy I am going to be once I let these things go. I do this with excitement, not fear. I make myself believe that happiness is already mine.

This ritual will not work if you have fear or worry within you. If you feel any sort of discomfort, you need to stop what you’re doing and ask yourself why you feel this way. You must consult with yourself until you come back to a place of peace and harmony.
The universe works through frequency and energy, so if you want to manifest positive energy, you cannot successfully conduct this ritual while carrying a heavy heart or a soul filled with doubt.

You must believe in magic. You must believe in the power of manifestation. You must believe in yourself.

You can dip the corner of your page into a candle {I light multiple candles while performing this ritual to protect my energy}

You can light your paper with a match, or a lighter.

Or, you can toss it into a fire pit.

I personally recommend lighting the corner of the sheet with a lighter and watching it burn. After a year of performing these rituals I’ve learned the different frequencies of releasing energy through flames. I also always conduct this ritual outside. If you do it inside, make sure you use a safe space that is not flammable.

Due to our energetic frequency and the power of manifestation, sometimes the speed of the burning can alter, and the color of the flames as well.

If a paper burns very slow, this can be an indication that your soul is still harnessing resistance. If it catches flame quickly, this could indicate your soul is genuinely ready to release. I have personally witnessed blue and purple flames which according to different websites that discuss spirituality and fire, when blue flames are seen, the highest level of manifestation and spirit has been reached.

I encourage all of you to participate in this ritual with me with an open mind and heart. Do not label it, confine it, or put it in a box. Make it your own! {coming from a natal Venus in Aquarius, I truly mean this!}

There is a full moon once a month, and this can become a life long ritual you perform monthly.

You can change anything you want about this ritual. The only rule is to listen to your intuition and let it guide you throughout the process.

All you actually need is a pen, paper, and fire. 

The rest is up to you.

The intentions set tonight and during this weekend will set the theme for the next lunar cycle, and kick start the theme of this year.

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I truly love you all, and hope you are healed from whatever is hurting you.

  • Last minute details: There is a new moon and full moon every month, and both are different. This is the full moon ritual.
  • Also, there is a difference between a Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse. This is a Lunar Eclipse.

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With lots and lots of love,

Oyeezy Vibes, your favorite Pisces.

P.S: Stay tuned with Oyeezy Vibes for future astrological series. I will be conducting a poll on my Twitter account to decide what series of articles I start with first.

Happy Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in LEO!

Choose happiness.





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