People will always show you what you mean to them, or more so, what they mean to themselves.
Have you ever felt “left out?”
Have you ever felt like someone did not treat you the way you deserved to be treated?

Well, my friends, let me let you in on a secret.

You deserve what you allow yourself to receive.

There will always be hidden meanings behind situations and conversations, and there will always be mystery in why things happen the way they did.

Simply because relationships and experiences are always subjective.

While you believe you deserve more from someone, that same person can believe they deserve the best. Which excludes you from even being a part of that picture.

Human relationships are not black and white, and quite frankly, they are insanely complex.

Before you get angry at someone for treating you a certain way, ask yourself this, did you allow them to treat you this way?

You probably did.

We must teach people how to treat us.

If the lesson has already been taught and they continue to fail, then maybe it’s time to scribble that fat “F” in red ink over their status in your life.

The choice is yours to make.

Not everyone is kind and good. Not everyone has to be, or wants to be.

And that is okay.

Some of us are dark workers, and some of us are light workers. Some of us will choose to remain working for the light when interacting with the dark, and some of us will become the dark trying to force someone into becoming light.

People are who they are, and they have no obligation to be what you want or expect them to be.

Move in silence, and keep love alive.

Even if they don’t deserve it.

With lots and lots of love,


Your favorite Pisces.