Friday, February 25th, 2017: What you owe the world is what you owe yourself.

During this Pisces season, I realize more and more every day the true and honest value of communication.

For my Astrology nerds, maybe this is just Saturn transiting my twelfth house, and the upcoming Eclipse in Pisces happening in my third house talk…

*insert nervous smiling face emoji.*

But in all honesty, when solitude becomes too much to bare, communication becomes necessary in these deluded and foggy times.
We must open up our hearts and express how we feel.
How is your heart Chakra feeling? It is feeling blocked? What color is your soul these days?

Heal yourself through love.

We must show others who we really are.
If we don’t, how will we ever know it is our true soul that they love?
Or perhaps, our true soul that they don’t love.
We owe it to ourselves to always be exactly who we are, and say exactly how we feel. If we don’t, it is ours and only OUR fault for the miscommunication and misunderstandings we encounter.
And hey, most people go their whole lives and are never understood.
That’s completely acceptable.
Just as it is acceptable to not care much for being loved or accepted.

“By their fruit, you shall know them.”

But anyways,

Give people the chance to really love you for who you are.

You owe yourself, and the world, just that much.

For those of you with a vision and a dream, it is not only your duty, but your personal responsibility and obligation to give it back to the world.

Not for glory, fame, money, or any selfish reasons- but to simply participate in a fair transaction with the Universe.
With lots and lots of love,
Your favorite Pisces, magic liv.

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