Reincarnation. Vaguely Sunny. pt 1.

I reincarnated here on Earth to offend, and create.

I reincarnated to speak my truth even when my voice begins to shake.

I reincarnated to be swept away by spirituality and appear as mentally absurd.

I reincarnated to gain wisdom and knowledge, and teach it to the herds.


I reincarnated to learn about my surroundings and find answers in the details.

I reincarnated to rebel against social norms, all forms of programming and conformity, and never fail to prevail.


I reincarnated to make others uncomfortable and disturbed by my self confidence.

I reincarnated to practice on my crafts, and eventually execute them all with spotlessness.


I reincarnated to experience ups and downs, as my natal moon and sun battle in the sky.

I reincarnated to translate the cosmos. Nonetheless, I reincarnated knowing I will die.


I reincarnated to grow like the flowers buried in our Earth.

I reincarnated with zest and optimism, despite knowing how much it’d hurt.


I did not reincarnate to make people happy.

I did not reincarnate to make people comfortable.

I did not reincarnate to be devalued or discredited in any shape or way.


I did not reincarnate to listen to just any so and so.

Or tell stories about some other so and so, about such and such.


I reincarnated to put total faith in the Universe, and watch it work its magic.

I reincarnated to help heal others, as I have learned how to heal myself.


I reincarnated to be of service to the world by being authentically who I am.

I reincarnated to live out a divine purpose that is bigger than me, and greater than anything I could ever imagine.


So help me God, if I allow anyone, or anything, to even remotely get in my way.

I fought to be here. I lived inside of my mothers stomach for 9 months and grew, just so that I could be born and see the sun.


I have failed, succeeded, and persisted.

Just so that I could be right here.

Right now.

In this moment, exactly as I am.


I reincarnated to live fully, with joy and purpose radiating through my bones and skin.


I did not reincarnate to simply live by the rules and die.


That was never part of the contract.

Not for me, at least.


I am here to love the world, and all that exists within its walls.

I am here, with a Universe that conspires for me and never against me.

I am here, and I am loved.


I reincarnated because this alone, is more than enough.

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