Aries: New Moon in Gemini Tarot reading, 2017. The worst is over! Wave your wand, and show us your new trick.

Hey Aries. 😍

I hope this New Moon in Gemini treats you well.


From the look of things, Aries, it looks like you are coming into a closing, an end of a chapter. Something that has been truly putting you in your head and hurting you, or confusing you deeply, will finally come to an end. Take a deep breath! You’ve earned this.

You are now free to move on from whatever has been consuming your mind. This new moon grants you magic that you did not see coming. Are you ready?

In fact, at the start of your reading, the Knight of Wands is taking a plunge into a new direction. This is you this Gemini season. You have new ideas, new goals, and new beginnings to go after. Feel your fire, and feed your flames.

But, be careful, Aries. You must learn how to control your speed. Although you are the Knight of Wands, you could learn a few lessons from the Knight of Pentacles. A new pace could truly benefit you this Gemini season. You may come into it on this new moon. Fingers crossed.

The 6 of Pentacles is warning you to be fair, compassionate, and balanced with the people in your life this season. It is also saying you should take a step back and reevaluate how much of your energy you are giving away. With the 6 of Pentacles being trapped between the Knight of Wands and the Knight of Pentacles, you may feel trapped by your obligations to other people. But Aries, beloved, how dare you think such a thing? Aries have no obligations to anyone except themselves. The entrapment you feel from others is what’s keeping you in a stagnant position.

Move forward at a new pace to break out of this trap, beloved. People can’t get to you, if they can’t even catch up.

Although you are the driven and individualistic Ram, beloved, you still must treat others fairly. Anyone who is taking too much from you, you need to stop being a source of energy for them. You have mastered how to exude power, but this Gemini season may challenge you to pull it back from the people who have robbed you of it.

Are you doing yourself an injustice? Are you letting yourself become mentally overwhelmed because you want to be fair and liked by others?

Nonsense, beloved! Give yourself more credit.

Boundaries need to be made in order for you to gain control over your emotions and thoughts again. Burn whatever needs to be burned to flames. Begin again with a new match.

The Knight of Pentacles says that the more you move toward your goals at a steady pace, rather than impulsively, the more steady of an abundance flow you will experience. If there is a goal in your mind, be kind with it. Take your time on it. Move with stamina, but  also with patience. The blessings are already on your path.

Learn to become friends with time.

The Moon reversed marks deep mental anxiety you have been feeling. You may have been holding on tightly to some sort of emotional chaos, and you are now ready to dead the situation, and move on completely. The 10 of Swords is demanding endings.

There will be no more of this internal anxiety. On this new moon, you must declare it.


Aries, my beloved, you deserve to be passionate, to experience love, to have others help you for once, and to achieve all of the goals that really do matter to you. You don’t always have to be the warrior and the hero. Please remember, that even you can be bruised.

Aries, my beloved, you can have everything you want this season. As soon as you choose to close all chapters of pain, make peace with any things still hurting or lingering within you, and simply turn the page.

The Magician as your energy card is not surprising. Aries, my beloved, like a candle that has just been lit, you always rise with passion and warmth.

You don’t let anyone see you sweat, and there is great power in that.

Believe that. Feel that. Know that.

Turn the page.

As a warrior, people will always try to stand in your way. As a warrior, don’t allow them.

Make things right within yourself. Then, make things right with others.

The magician only shows you what he wants you to see. Don’t deceive yourself by trying to deceive others. Be raw. Be real. Be fire.

Show the world something that they’ve haven’t seen from you yet.

Embrace endings the way that you embrace beginnings.

You have everything you need to move forward. It all begins and ends with you, beloved.

You’re not the first sign of the zodiac for no reason.

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