Cancer: New Moon in Gemini Tarot reading, 2017. Hold on to your power and happiness. You can put out ANY fire.

Happy New Moon in Gemini, my beloved moon children. 🌛🔮

Gemini season is here, Cancer! Before you know it, your season will be arriving next.

I sense a breakthrough coming. The first card out was The Chariot, your own Tarot card! Victory is on the way, beloved. Can you feel it? Whatever goal you have in mind now, or whatever you want to accomplish before your season arrives, can begin right now. Take charge, Cancer. The King of Cups is saying that whatever decision you are going after now, make sure your heart is truly involved.

You are coming into a deep emotional awareness now, my little crabs. Success and victory can be yours as long as you focus intensely on the task at hand, and really pursue it with all of your heart.

You may have felt foggy and uncertain of what it is you truly desire lately. You may have even felt overwhelmed by the options in front of you. The 7 of Cups reversed is letting you know that this new moon is bringing you great clarity over your desires and dreams. As soon as Luna peeks out at you in the night sky, you are going to come into a new, clear vision for your life.

The greatest part about this is the 9 of Cups. Not only is the fog going to disappear, but you are going to realize that happiness and achievement have landed right at your doorstep.

Everything you are truly seeking is in the works. You have taken some huge losses and hits, and the Universe is now granting you a wish.

What is it going to be?

Wish for self empowerment, beloved. Do not waste this wish on anyone besides yourself. This is a 9 of Cups wish. This is the type of wish that could only benefit you, and only you.

The King of Wands reversed as an outcome card is giving a fair warning that you may feel extremely aggressive during this Gemini season. Although things will be moving in a positive direction for you, there may be some fiery uproar in the works as well.

Do not allow any person with powerful and masculine energy make you feel less victorious.

A possible fire sign, or authority figure may try to snatch this wish from you, and you must stand firm in your foundation, and trample through on your Chariot.

The Tower as your energy card is what brings me to this assumption. Something you might have not planned for could happen to you abruptly, or someone might try and ruin your parade.

Cancer, my beloved, do not let this happen to you. Take control over your life, and your emotions this new moon. Thoroughly practice emotional security during all of Gemini season. This Tower Card affirms that massive changes are heading your way, but it is up to you to decide whether they be negative or positive.

You have more control over your life and your emotions right now than you realize. Don’t let this new moon go to waste. Affirm your power right now. Declare that every change heading your way is positive, and every person in your life only supports and uplifts you.

You ARE the Chariot. You beloved, like no one else, can make things happen.

And incase you forgot, water has no problem putting out fire.

So choose happiness. Choose yourself. And do not let any sort of heat keep you out of the kitchen.

Luna doesn’t love anyone as much as she loves you. Never forget that.

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