Taurus: New Moon in Gemini Tarot reading, 2017. Love is still the answer. Expect miracles and new beginnings!

Hey Taurus 😊


Wow! What a powerful reading for you little bulls, on this New Moon in Gemini. Welcome to your neighbor’s season! I hope you enjoyed yours.

First and foremost, what’s up Taurus?

It looks like there is some serious love happening in your life right now. This New Moon is sparking a very deep, intimate love between you and someone else. I see a sacred bond beginning to form, so do yourself a favor and keep your heart completely open. The Lovers card doesn’t bring us the love we want, it brings us the love we truly desire and need. Congratulations! Angels are watching over you this season.

But Taurus, I need you to take a step back and ask yourself two questions.

One, are you being arrogant or righteous in any way these days? Two, are you trusting your intuition, or are you thinking you know what is best for you?

A sudden danger arrives when the Page of Swords and The High Priestess reverse.

If you choose to act out of spite this month, or speak and treat others as if you are mentally invincible, you are choosing to ignore your intuition. You out of all signs Taurus, you actually do know better. This is why your intuition would never tell you to act this way. What are you ignoring?

This season requires you to put your pride down, and go full lovers mode. In order to truly experience this love and happiness, you must put the sword down, and listen closely to what your soul is trying to tell you. Do not take the risk of ignoring what your intuition says. And no matter how stubborn you may be when it comes to not changing your mind once decided, you may find yourself in a situation where you wish you would’ve done what is spiritually right, and not what fulfilled your ego.

Regarding the collective tarot reading for all of the signs, as this karmic audit takes place on this new moon, do not catch yourself acting out of your true character.

Then follows the 7 of Pentacles. This is great news! Give yourself a pat on the back, beloved. What you have been working so hard for, is already here, and you have an entire harvest of it. This does not mean the handwork is over, you more than anyone,  know that the work is never actually done. This time around though, you get to take a step back and applaud yourself for how far you have come. You have an entire foundation to rest on. You have more than you realize.

Mercury is in your sign this season and you may have the urge to say things you do not mean, but please refrain.

If you are patient, and receptive of love and blessings, you have the power to get all that you wish for on this new moon, and more.

The Magician as an outcome card for you, means that you have all the tools you could possibly need to make your dreams come true this season.

You Taurus, are easily the most valuable sign of the zodiac. You always have what everyone else needs. Hold on to it this month for yourself, and believe in your own power and ability to manifest anything that you desire.

Death as the energy card brings reassurance that any obstacles you go through this season, no matter how difficult they may seem, are in your best interest to experience. You will die, and be born again. Luna is changing you.

This new moon brings deep inner transformation. No matter what you choose or experience this season, it is ultimately changing you for the better, and helping you step into the next chapter of your life.

Self development is now beginning. Love is all around you. But so are choices and sacred moments that can lead to breakthroughs. This sacred love you’re experiencing birthed from within you. Now it’s your job to spread it around to everyone you can, everywhere you can.

Spread more love.

Be wise as you always are, and nothing but magic and miracles will come your way.

Don’t be surprised if some broken situations suddenly become amended for you on this new moon. Never doubt the love this universe has for you. An angel is being sent down to put love in your heart. It was declared as soon as The Lovers card showed up for you first.

Holdfast. Be easy. And never forget your ruler, Venus. When it comes down to it, you Taurus, always stand firm, both feet planted on the ground, with love in your heart. This season, don’t forget that.

Don’t forget to choose love.

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