Aquarius: New Moon in Gemini Tarot reading, 2017. Happiness is in the cards. Prove to us that dreams do come true.

Aquarius, I love you.

Happy New Moon in Gemini!

I need you to make a wish, because all of your greatest hopes and dreams are finally coming true.


First card out, The Wheel of Fortune.

Looks like you Aquarius, have been making the Universe very happy. Destiny is on your side right now, and the wheels of karma and fate are turning upwards in your favor. Congratulations!

A wish is coming true for you, but The Hermit is suggesting that you take a little alone time to yourself, and go inwards to pull up something that’s been hiding.

What are you afraid to wish for, beloved? What is so sacred and intimate to you that you are afraid to wish upon a star for it? Even though you know it would mean the world to you if it came true.

Aquarius, beloved, you don’t give yourself enough credit.

You rarely have to go within and do soul work, because you don’t realize how fast the Universe spins and works magic for you.

This time around, the Universe is asking you to pull from inside, the deepest wish you can find. The wish that would bring you the upmost, ultimate happiness that you seek.

This is what you must wish for, beloved.

If you find the courage to do this, and you bring this wish up to the light, not only will it manifest, but you will become spiritually liberated. The Universe wants to prove its love for you on this new moon, beloved. You are due for a wish come true. You’ve learned about your soul. None of this has gone unseen, or unheard.

The 9 of Cups affirms that Gemini season is going to bring you genuine happiness. You are going to feel like your life is a movie. You are going to be greatly surprised by all of your results.

This all begins with a decision to move forward. Unlike majority of the signs, you received the 3 of Wands. You’re the only sign who is being blessed by the very next move you make. All Luna wants you to do while she’s in Gemini, is to go where you are happy.

It’s really that simple, beloved. Move towards happiness. Make a real, honest decision.

You are embarking on a new adventure that is going to bring you real happiness.

Sunny days are ahead of you. Your reading is filled with so much yellow, so much light!

If you make a decision that brings you happiness, like the 3 of Wands, you will be granted a opportunity that you have never experienced, and would have never expected.

The Ace of Wands as your outcome card affirms that your wish is coming true. Your answer is “yes.” You just have to truly step into your light, mind, body, and spirit.

Come as you are, beloved.

For the rest of Gemini season, wake up every morning with joy and radiance. Let your happiness show.

You are proof that dreams come true.

The 4 of Wands as your energy card affirms that the beautiful abundance getting ready to take over your life is going to seem like a miracle. You are going to have a moment this Gemini season, possibly on this new moon, where happiness hits you. You’re going to realize how much you have to celebrate for.

Your life is becoming a dream come true. Happiness is becoming a true part of your reality.

When you walk into this abundance and happiness, beloved, give yourself a pat on the back. You are the genius. You are the rebel. You are the sign that can create revolutionary change. You manifest your happiness all on your own.

You did it, beloved. You found your light, and you found what makes you happy.

Sit back and let the Universe work its magic for you. Wait for your miracle.

Your wish is coming true, and its better than you could’ve ever imagined it could be.

Show us all how bright you shine.

When you are happy, everyone else is too, beloved.

Show us how happiness is really done.

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