Scorpio: New Moon in Gemini Tarot reading, 2017. Bring your darkness with you. It is your light.

Happy New Moon in Gemini, Scorpio! 🌹😏


I hate to be abrupt, beloved, but what are you running from?

A situation that has been long drawn out, is finally coming to an end. It is coming to an end because you are finally deciding to pack the emotional bags that you carry, and leave them all behind you. You, Scorpio, are deciding to let go and move on from a situation, or maybe even a person that has been causing you great sadness or melancholy.

The 8 of Cups reminds you that whatever you are leaving behind on this new moon, no longer serves you a purpose. In fact, it is not longer positive for you at all. You have felt an ocean worth of emotions regarding this situation or person, and you need to move on now with less weight on your shoulders. If you’re carrying too much, you may begin to sink rather than swim.

The Page of Pentacles reversed is asking you, “do you really have integrity?”

Do you, beloved? What are you working towards these days?

Whatever it may be, your intentions may not be aligned right. You may need to take a step back and put yourself in check. If you are doing things that don’t truly express your highest good, you are doing the wrong things. You cant move forward right now until you decide what it is you truly believe in, and are willing to work for.

A new adventure may begin now, but it requires you to be pure and know what you stand for. A very important revaluation is now taking place, beloved. Don’t run from it. Face it head on, and accept yourself as is.

The 10 of Wands is the card of the transit Saturn in Sagittarius which has been going on for about a year already, and will be ending December of this year, 2017.

Beloved, you have had a really rough past few months. In fact, they may have been harder for you than you’ve allowed anyone to really see or know.

But I see, and I know. So listen beloved, are you working harder, or smarter?

Scorpio, everything doesn’t have to be painful, you know? Everything doesn’t have to be challenging. You have been working so hard for something. It may be a secret that you desire on an internal level. You could be working towards something that nobody even knows about, but it is taking away all of your energy. This overextension of yourself to others, and your work, is draining the life out of you. It is making you forget your own power. Which you never truly do, but you may have been caught slipping a little bit, lately.

Don’t let this happen again, beloved. You deserve to radiate in joyful waters, not just stormy rain.

The 3 of Cups is calling you to have FUN on this new moon in Gemini. You need to go out and celebrate all you have recently overcome. You need to order yourself a nice drink, or go out with your favorite people and enjoy the night.

Look for Luna tonight, and tell her how much you love her. On this new moon, you need to force yourself to experience joy.

Let everything burdening you go. It is time, beloved.

But I will warn you, don’t let yourself get too carried away. You must still have mental discernment throughout Gemini season. With all of this mutable air energy, you may find yourself around people, or in situations that try to cut you down. Remember that although you are a water sign, you can also carry a sword. If any air signs are poking at you in any way, you need to poke back and affirm your mental confidence. The Queen of Swords represents an air sign that may be putting up intellectual boundaries around you, and making you feel trapped inside of yourself. Let not a single soul do this to you. You have the depths of the ocean, beloved. You operate from a different nature, and there is no competition present.

The 5 of Cups landing as an outcome card is looping back to the 8 of Cups message.

Scorpio, free yourself from yourself. Wash away all that is hurting you.

There is a situation in your life that is still deeply plunged inside of you, and it brings you deep pain. This situation is being called for you to fix. You must fix it, make peace with it, and then leave it entirely behind you. Do not turn your back to your shadow self. Do not fear your own darkness, beloved.

There are four cards in this reading that have their back turned. Don’t do this to yourself. You deserve to feel. Your emotions deserve to be validated. No matter how intense all of this may be for you, you deserve to make peace with it and find happiness, again.

The Star being your energy card is a beautiful omen. Oh, beloved, how the entire universe just radiates when you decide to transform.

The time for transformation is now.

On this new moon in Gemini, I dare you to wash yourself of yourself. I dare you to look at yourself in the mirror, and acknowledge who you are at the deepest level. I dare you to uncover the naked and raw parts of you. I dare you to go down to the darkest part of your emotions and dive in. I dare you to become emotionally naked. I dare you to surrender to the darkest parts of who you are.

Then, I want you to take a look and notice how bright you shine when you finally do all of that.

You deserve brightness. You illuminate everything that is dark. You could bring anyone suffering, back to the light. Even yourself.

You are the brightest star in the darkest sky.

Being afraid of the dark doesn’t serve you in any way, beloved.

You are darkness, and this is what makes you beautiful.

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