Virgo: New Moon in Gemini Tarot reading, 2017. Let love in. You are allowed to feel peace!

Happy New Moon in Gemini, Virgo! đź‘‘


You’ve been working hard, haven’t you? You’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, and thinking, haven’t you?

I see that you have, beloved.

A spiritual marriage is happening within you right now. The Hierophant coming out as a first card says that you are birthing a new spiritual identity. Something has become so clear, and so real for you, that you know you can no longer ignore it. A spiritual new beginning is emerging.

All that you have done for others, all that you have done to better yourself, none of it has gone unseen. Virgo, your day is coming. But relax, because you are not in trouble. You have done everything right. You have been doing the best you can. So Judgement is here to remind you that there is an all seeing eye, one that watches you closely.

A blessing is coming to you. The sky is going to crack open, and a message is going to come down to you on this new moon. This message is going to be one of love.

Open your heart, beloved. You have been stone cold for a while now. You have been trying to play your part, and follow the rules, for a while now. Let love open you up to a new understanding of the world.

The Ace of Cups brings unconditional love. It brings love that can pour through all of you, and cleanse you of every pain or blockage that was inside beforehand. Let divinity wash over you. Take a deep breath. Your load is about to lighten.

The 7 of Pentacles is a great card for you to receive. You really have been putting in work, beloved. For quite some time, you’ve been taking care of a harvest. One that only you know about. One that only you can take care of.

Guess what? Your harvest is here and fully bloomed. Spend no more time analyzing your quality or quantity. Give yourself a pat on the back for how hard you’ve worked, and how much you genuinely do have to show for it. You’ve come a very long way, beloved.

This is just the beginning of great work for you.

This work could easily be self work. The 9 of Pentacles serving as the outcome card is affirming your value.

You my beloved, are eternally worthy. You not only have everything you need, but you have more than enough. So why continue with the worrying?

I don’t think you know how appealing you are, beloved. I don’t think you understand that the stars shine for you. I don’t think that you know gardens of flowers feel honored to have you walk in their presence.  You Virgo, have no idea what an angel you are.

The energy card for you is The Wheel of Fortune.

At last! The wheel of karma and fate is turning in your favor. You cannot run from your destiny, beloved. You cannot decide to stop being pure. You cannot decide to stop being heaven sent. You are the zodiac sign of heaven on earth. Own that.

The Universe has been watching all of the hard work and care you’ve been putting into things, and a ginormous blessing is heading your way.

You deserve it more than anyone.

Let go of calamity. Find peace in your mind on this new moon. Take a deep breath, and declare your serenity. Everything is going to move much more smoothly for you now, and throughout the rest of Gemini season.

You have nobody to thank but yourself. Find peace in that, Virgo.

You are a chosen one, whether you accept it or not. Your destiny is filled with greatness.

Stop running in circles. Pull out a chair, and take a seat. The Universe has something up its sleeve for you.

Declare on this new moon that you are ready to receive it.

I love you like the Earth does.

Peace is coming.

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