Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! ♐️ Collective Tarot reading, 2017. So what’s this grand vision all about?


Dearly beloved,

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! ♐️🌕🏹

The Queen of Pentacles reversed came out for not only the collective pull, but for also the collective energy card. She is persistent and heavy in her message for ALL on this full moon. There is an intense energetic pull calling all to go on an adventure that brings them “home.”

Whatever this may mean for you.

With Saturn transiting through Sagittarius until the end of December 2017, there is a present urgency to pursue your dreams in a practical manner. To chase your dreams with integrity. What we all can collectively learn from this Sagittarius full moon, and mutable energy in general, is to pay attention to the details.

Luna is calling the collective to focus on their vision, and find ways to make it accessible in your current reality. Your big and grand vision may not be as grand as you’ve worked it up to be. Slow down, beloved. Take a step back to see your surroundings. Where are you right now? Luna is asking all to get grounded, but to keep your vision alive.

Venus has finally left Aries and entered Taurus. Mars has entered Cancer, and Jupiter is stationed to go direct. There is deep, emotional panic present in the sky right now. Your emotional stand on things is what’s propelling you forward, and influencing the action you take.

Once you focus in on your most honest desires, you will discover practical ways you can zone in on them for keeps. Gemini/Sagittarius axis is about TRUTH and COURAGE.

What you’ve been looking for may have been right under your nose this entire time. Don’t focus so hard on the end goal that you forget the mundane details you must take care of first, beloved.

On the Gemini new moon, we had to go through a collective audit. But we’ve passed those checkpoints now, and can move forward with stamina. On this full moon in Sagittarius, challenge yourself to engulf more in your desires. Do more of what makes you happy, and then find ways to do more of it in your day to day life.

This is the time where you finally push through your boundaries, and do everything you always said, and knew you could do. ⚡️💖

Mercury is in Gemini giving you the courage to communicate your truth, and the full moon in Sagittarius is giving you the wisdom to know what your truth is. Venus in Taurus is giving you the strength to follow your heart, and Mars in Cancer is giving you the power to execute moves that matter to your heart. Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde is asking all to re-focus and re-think what you’ve been putting your energy into. Take a step back to really ask yourself what matters to you. By the New Moon in Cancer, energy will slow down and become more intimate. Take advantage of the mutable passion available right now. Make moves that matter. Happy full moon in Sagittarius, and don’t forget to read your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign readings! 😍

All 12 readings will be posted by June 9th, and you can find them individually on my home page.


If you don’t know your moon or ascendant sign, I’d highly recommend you to look up your Zodiac natal chart. You can access your birth chart on websites like astro.com or cafeastrology.com

Or, send me an email and book a chart reading with me at cabrera_olivia@hotmail.com 🙂



Oyeezy Vibes


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