Cancer: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. The path to wholeness and fulfillment starts now.


Cancer šŸ™‚

Before I even get into this reading with you, I need to state the obvious.

There is a huge message of passive vs aggressive, masculine vs feminine, and love vs power.

Inner conflict and paradoxes may be consuming you right now.

Dearly beloved,

This full moon is calling to your subconscious, and your conscious mind. But because you’re a cardinal water sign, you’re going to be trying to get your emotions under control the rest of this lunar cycle.

Your season is going to be here very soon, beloved. You need to work out all of this inner conflict before your solar return comes!

The Moon and Sun in your reading is showing conflict in how you express yourself. You may be feeling like you’re either too emotional, or too powerful. Too introverted, and then too extraverted. Your conscious mind is pulling you in a different direction than your subconscious mind is, and these are the waves you are going to be riding for the rest of this season. Until your season comes, and the waves aren’t so harsh anymore.

The Devil is placed firm in your reading, hiding out secretly in the corner. You could have some inner addictions you’re battling with right now. You might feel a deep need to get control over your total psyche. Watch how you execute this, and try not to get too engulfed in your own feelings and desires, beloved. You and I both know how dangerous emotions can be.

The Ace of Cups is beautiful to see in a reading for a beautiful sign like you.

Love is all around you, and it is flowing from within. You have an abundance of emotions and love in your psyche right now, and it’s pouring out into your reality.

This overwhelming amount of emotions, and devil-energy desires may be pushing you to act like the Queen of Wands this full moon. All of this mutable and fire energy may be putting you in uncomfortable positions where you feel forced to act out and express yourself.

Feel free to express yourself passionately beloved, but be careful not to try and force change and new beginnings before the time is right.

With the Ace of Cups and the Ace of Swords reversed, this could mean that your emotions are propelling you forward and you might run into an emotional breakdown because your mind can’t keep up with your emotions right now.

Don’t bring an emotional breakdown upon yourself, beloved.

The way out of this potential predicament is through the Queen of Cups.

Although it is sexy and liberating to be passionate and filled with desires, it is also destructive to have this much power during such a vulnerable time.

On an exterior and conscious level, you’re getting things done and working on yourself.

But on an internal level, there is much more to heal than anyone can really see or understand.

This full moon might overwhelm you to the point where you escape from reality, like the 6 of Swords and just get away for the time being.

As empathic as you are, beloved, don’t beat yourself up for needing some time alone to contemplate and heal.

On this full moon, go inwards, beloved. The Queen of Cups as your outcome card, and at the bottom of your reading holding all of the weight, the safest place for you to be right now is inside of yourself.

Engulf in your feelings right now, beloved. You have a shell for a reason.

Escape into your own mystical world, and work out these emotions so you’re in a more fulfilled place by the time your season arrives.

Massive changes are happening for you under the surface right now, beloved.

You’re changing at a faster rate than you can even really keep up with, or be totally conscious of. The Universe is sending you healing that follows with wholeness.

You’re learning how to balance the divine feminine and divine masculine within you. You’re learning how to be the moon child that you naturally are, but who is just as comfortable being of the sun.

You’re growing profoundly, beloved. You’re getting stronger everyday.

Keep up the good fight, and stay on top of this emotional warfare taking place in your psyche.

By the time your season arrives, you will find yourself sitting comfortable, filled with wholeness, and genuine fulfillment. Just like the Queen of Cups.

Luna loves you most.

Don’t let her down on this full moon by indulging in any addictions or obsessive behaviors.

You are only beginning to heal yourself, beloved.. There is much more to come.

Be still.

Happy full luna.



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