Capricorn: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. Your pain has been your fuel. Get charged up!


Well, well, well, Capricorn.

Happy full moon in Sagittarius 🙂

It looks like all of the ruckus and heartbreak was in your best interest after all.

Do you see that broken heart and 7 of Wands sitting at the center of your reading?

Of course you do. Because you’ve been focused on your pain for quite some time now, and it’s given you quite the tolerance.

Justice as your outcome card is definite clarity that all of the struggle you’ve been facing, and all of the pain you’ve been fighting through is finally going to pay off.

But not without a little more chaos.

Beloved, the 5 of Wands as your first card is saying that you’re just only scratching the surface of battle. The heartache you had to live with, is now your fuel for strength.

This battle you’ve been fighting and this ache inside you’ve been feeling, is now leading you straight into victory.

The Chariot says that you are finally in a place of total control. Of course, things are still rocky- but you are ready to move forward now with great stamina and persistence.

You are being blessed with the gift of duality and focus on this full moon.

Use your dynamic personality to innovate your way into a more positive reality.

Once you get on your Chariot and charge forward, nothing but joy is coming your way.

The Four of Wands is a message of celebration.

Do you realize how far you’ve come, beloved? You have suffered greatly and for a very long time. You are finally beginning to see the light again. Embrace this. Engulf yourself in your personal victory.

The 7 of Wands does indicate there will still be opposition ahead of you, but you’re now on a higher ground where you can defend yourself in a more powerful position.

The World card is completion.

Yes, beloved, you really did make it out of the dark alive. You really did survive that last heartbreak and defeat. You really did make it out stronger and better than ever, beloved.

You did.

A sense of completion will start to sink in for you now. You will be able to look at your life from a new perspective and find wholeness inside of yourself.

Everything is working out exactly as it should be.

Nothing comes easy for you, beloved.

But nonetheless, it always comes.

Remember this always.

Justice as your outcome card is a beautiful sign that karma is in your favor, and the Universe is fighting in your defense.

Everyone that hurt you or betrayed you, all of the situations that left you down and out, everything will begin to finalize now.

Everyone that has played a part in your downfall, beloved, will now receive their karma.

Just as you will receive yours. And that is exactly why the World is in your hands right now, and better days are ahead of you.

When you put in the hard and good work, it never goes unnoticed.

You may think that nobody see’s how hard you’re working, beloved, but the Universe does.

You’re always being appreciated by higher source.

The King of Wands as your energy card is radiating power onto your reading.

Whatever decisions you make on this full moon, beloved, you must stick to.

You need to be filled with integrity and dedication now, more than ever.

You must stand firm in your beliefs, and not back down.

The battle is not over, but victory is already yours.

Keep it pushing, beloved.

As painful as everything may have been, it has all been for your own good.

Believe in every decision you make from this day forward, and watch the world fall right into your lap.


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