Libra: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. So much power surrounding you! Take a deep breath.


Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius, Libra. 🙂

You’re “sitting pretty” right in the middle of your reading, but wow, there is so much energy around you keeping you still.

Why so stiff, beloved?

The Emperor reversed, King of Wands, and The High Priestess I believe are specific people in your life. Or, they could be potential energies you feel that you do not embody yourself.

Straighten out your back, beloved. Stand up straight. You attract intense people and energy into your life because you alone harness the exact amount of power. You know the value in all people. But on this full moon, I think you need to focus on your own value that you sometimes forget about.

Beloved, how many favors have you handed out this past lunar cycle?

You’re exhausted, and feel quite impatient. I sense that you’re waiting on new inspiration, or you’ve been “wishing on a star.”

The people around you that inspire you, and the energy you experience that gets you pumped, is the energy you wish to create yourself.

The 9 of Pentacles represents a person who has a lot to be grateful for, but doesn’t really appreciate what they have.

Beloved, you are becoming bored again.

What may have inspired you a month ago might just seem unimportant now. People who you may have loved to be around a month ago might feel like obstacles in your way now.

You’re on a mission to find fulfillment in yourself, and you know that change is coming.

Judgement as your energy card is saying to follow your hunch right now, beloved.

You need to follow your intuition in order to come into your true power.

On this full moon in Sagittarius, you’re going on a journey inside of yourself. You’re going on an adventure to search for your soul.

The Four of Cups and the Four of Swords as your outcome cards indicate a period of rest and soul searching. This full moon might put you in an artistic and meditative state in hopes of getting you to find the inspiration you’re seeking.

The Emperor and High Priestess reversed serve as warnings to not give your power away, and to not doubt any of your intuitions for the rest of Gemini season.

By the time we enter Cancer season, you will have balanced out your scales, beloved.

Stand tall and proud, for the simple fact that you have every right to.

Things take time. The Hanged Man and Four of Swords teach us that.

Take what you need.

You’re who matters most.

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