Pisces: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. Enough with the self sabotage. Take your power back!


Alright, little fish.

What a clear message on this beautiful full moon.

Dear Pisces,

Once upon a time you were a child, and you were still a pure Pisces. You believed in dreams, and magic, and all things good in life.

Because of this gift you were given that consisted of wisdom, compassion, and understanding, you were born with a gentle nature that was bound to get ruined by reality.

So here you are now. Still, this gentle creature, who wants to believe in dreams, magic, and all things good in life.

But at every corner, you are faced with opposition, pain, and setbacks of reality.

Beloved, this is not because you are unworthy of what you’ve always desired. Of course not. Everything you seek, is seeking you. Your reality is what you make it.

Pisces, you cannot run from lessons. You cannot swim your way out of pain. You can’t jump to the finish line without running the race, and this is what you must learn now.

You must learn that every action has a reaction, and every experience has a consequence. How you choose to perceive it all, well, that’s totally up to you.

You’ve been worried again. This full moon may bring you some new mania. Your entire first row of cards are number 9 cards.

Time to learn something new again, isn’t it? Another life lesson has revealed itself to you.

Here is what your first row of cards is saying.

Beloved, rather than staying up late, and stressing over your obstacles and worries, and allowing yourself to become filled with anxiety (9 of swords)

You need to realize that you are the star of your own life, and this is your movie. Right here. Right now. Starring you, the pisces fish. The person that everyone loves. The person that radiates light in all that they do. The person who is destined for greatness despite what happens to them, because when you were birthed into this life as a Pisces, your destiny was already sealed. Every pisces has a dream to fulfill.

You’re in the process of fulfilling yours now, beloved.

This will not happen by focusing on all of the “what ifs, and what now?”

This is not a time where you can just sit in your fantasy and expect it to fall into place (9 of Cups)

The first step to your fulfillment is the journey you have been trying to avoid.

Oh, beloved, how you have been trying so hard to avoid pain. You try so hard to avoid setbacks and failure, and anything too heavy. Because you more than anyone knows just how much it hurts.

But you cannot run from your destiny, beloved. And you cannot battle against fate.

You are being called by the moon, and you are being asked to go within.

Not on a surface level. Not for just a day or two. Not just sit and vibe out, and do some drugs that elevate you.

No, beloved, you have to really go inwards this time and pull that dream from back out of you.

You swallowed a dream not too long ago that has been tearing you apart inside.

The Hermit reminds us that some adventures we must go on alone.

So be alone, beloved. Figure out what it is that’s holding you back and hurting you. Destroy the destruction instead of continuing to let it destroy you.

The Tower sitting in the middle of the 5 of Cups and the 8 of Cups is clearly saying that you cannot turn your back to change any longer.

If you scroll back up and look, you will see that both the 5 of Cups and 8 of Cups have their backs turned and we cannot see their faces.

What are you so afraid to look at, beloved? What are you so afraid to accept or let go of?

The Tower sitting at the center of your reading indicates that a major change will happen in your life on this full moon. It could take place on an internal level, but I believe it will be external. You have fought against your own evolution for so long now that the Universe will begin to force change in your life.

Destruction is in the air, but only because you have harnessed so much of it inside of you. You’ve felt so much chaos within, that it’s now going to spiral outwards.

But listen, beloved, this is for your own best interest, and this is ultimately for your own good.

You cannot be afraid to feel, beloved.

Yes, you feel so much more than others, but you cannot fear your own feelings.

After this change hits you like a lightning bolt, you’re going to wake up and step into a brand new  identity.

You see, beloved, many people forget that you are not only one fish, but you are two that are tied together. Many people take advantage of the light and happy fish for so long, that they’re completely in shock when you swim back upwards and bring out your dark and destructive fish.

If this isn’t a literal change that happens in your life, this could be the changes already happening within you that are ready to explode.

You will embody The Tower card energy on this full moon, beloved. In many ways, The Tower is you right now.

Waiting on a change.

Whether it be terrible, or it be magnificent, you just want OUT. You need a new reality. You need a new goal. You need a new purpose. And you are willing to experience anything at this point, as long as it brings you productive change.

Beloved, you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You would rather go out into battle and leave wounded and broken, then to stay in this stagnant place any longer.

So, go ahead, beloved. Destroy every obstacle in your path. Destroy every relationship that you know is bad for you. Destroy what’s destroying you so it can stop consuming you.

But on this full moon, beloved, you must refuse to self destruct.

This terrifying sense of urgency that has now awakened within you is getting ready to shake up everything around you.

The final row of your reading starts off with the 5 of Swords. This is a card about troubling social experiences, or toxic relationships that ignite conflict.

Be done with this, beloved. You don’t need to hurt anyone around you, for that is not in your true character. What you must simply do, is know you are, and walk away.

When you decide to stop fighting, and become the battle yourself, you will step into the role of the King of Swords.

Your intellect on this full moon is beginning to sharpen immensely, and you no longer have patience for emotional setbacks and melancholy.

The moment you rise above your problems, beloved, is the moment they all will disappear.

The longer you dwell on everything that has happened to you, the more likely you are to attract more of it to you.

It doesn’t matter who has hurt you, or what has been unfair in your life. You didn’t sign up for a perfect life. You signed up to be a Pisces. A person who can feel everything because they want to experience everything.

So, yes, beloved. All the pain you’ve gone through, had to deal with you. All the karma you reincarnated with, had to deal with you.

It all begins and ends with you.

You’ll either dance with the devil, or you’ll get on the center stage and learn how to sing.

It’s time to get out of your feelings now. As heavy and overwhelming as they may feel, they’re over with.

Your outcome card being the 8 of Wands is extremely positive and beneficial.

This card indicates that once you sharpen your mind and start executing tasks from an intellectual place rather than an emotional place, you will begin to manifest quickly.

Have you ever seen a fish swim slow?


The 8 of Wands is a card about speed, which you beloved, have always had.

This adventure you’re about to embark on, and this chaotic change that is about to happen, is leading you to the evolution you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s coming to you fast, beloved. Don’t even blink, or you might miss it.

As your energy card, the 3 of Swords makes itself present reminding you that you cannot get over the pain of your life in just one day. You cannot heal the wounds of your childhood over night. You will always carry emotional weight with you, no matter how far you get on this journey.

But what you can learn from this, is to be grateful for the pain.

Instead of being sad that it hurt, just be happy that it happened.

This is is the way a Pisces can develop.

Not by acting like you’re not hurt, but by understanding the value in the pain you’ve experienced.

Think fast, beloved.

This full moon will bring you the insight of your life.

Don’t second guess yourself.


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