Sagittarius: Full Moon in YOUR sign Tarot reading, 2017. Everything that’s bad feels really good, doesn’t it?


I mean, but honestly.

Talk about an entire breakthrough and rebirth?

It is your full moon, after all……

Listen to me, Sagittarius.

No matter how negative or positive you feel right now in your life-

You need to understand that the universe is working its magic for you. You also need to understand that this isn’t only because there’s a full moon in your sign, but because you and you alone represent magic.

New love, and a greater level of confidence is manifesting for you right now.

You might wake up tomorrow and all of a sudden someone wants to be your friend, try to date you, try to get in your pants out of no where. etc.

This is not a bad thing at all, beloved. Throughout the rest of Gemini season you’re going to be indulging in many pleasurable experiences.

The Devil sitting dead center in your reading is you on this full moon. Taking what’s yours and liking every moment of it. You’re in a very sexual and powerful place right now, even if it’s only happening on a subconscious level.

Get out and have some fun! The first row of your reading is nothing but cards of love and laughter. If you’re invited to a party soon, you should definitely go.

You’re finally in a place where you have control over your demons again. You’ve slowly been trying to get a hold of your dark side. But can I be honest, beloved?

I really think it’s time to let all of your demons out to play.

With the 10 of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles, you’re in a place where it’s safe to fantasize and engulf in your own dreams and desires. You love when you’re free to use vision and just think about the future you really want.

That’s what you can do on this full moon, but what’s so great about this is that you can actually manifest it into your reality.

You’re embarking on a new adventure, beloved.

As always.

As soon as you surrender to your demons, you will become the Page of Wands on this full moon cycle and embark on an entire new journey.

This journey will involve money, love, desire, and power.

Once you reach this new place you’ve imagined yourself to get to, or be, you must hold your ground.

The 7 of Wands indicates that this new vision for your life that the full moon is bringing you, not only has been in the works for some time, but it’s really going to shake the ground from under you.

You’re completely rising to a new and higher vibration.

Be proud of this come up, beloved.

As your outcome card, we have the Ace of Swords.

A definite “yes.”

So, yes.

To whatever it is you keep thinking about and asking yourself if you can have, the answer is yes.

To whatever it is, or who it is, that you really want to love and manifest a fairytale with, the answer is yes.

Whoever you want to become friends with and have a good time with more often, the answer is yes.

This new adventure you want to embark on that stems from your deepest desires, like love, friendship, experience, and power, the answer is yes.

You are in for a ride, beloved.

The Hierophant as your energy card tells me that when you come back from this full moon adventure, you’re going to have a brand new spiritual understanding.

You’re truly coming into a brand new belief system that empowers you more than your last one did.

Enjoy the evolvement, beloved.

It’s going to be a really good time. 😉

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