Scorpio: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. Okay, now is when you grow.


Much better from last time, Scorpio. It’s good to see you in a more alert and positive place.

From the first look at your reading, the first thought I had was “they’re aligning.”

The High Priestess and The Hanged Man in alignment with the 7 of Pentacles is a clear indication of manifestation power, and working more from your intuition.

See any signs lately? You probably have.

But you also are still fresh out of a situation where you had to turn into an ice queen.

The Queen of Swords reversed out first tells me that you’ve been in a really stern mental place these days, and you may still be recovering from something that previously took your mind off track. Now, the Knight of Cups reversed says that you’re trying to be more vulnerable to the world, but you still feel emotionally sour from something.

You really are trying though, beloved. You really are.

With the 2 of Pentacles present, you’re learning a new walk. You’re teaching yourself new steps. This full moon is bringing you to a very humble place where it can show you how you can improve. Pay attention to the details of your life right now, beloved.

Some divine lessons might get handed to you just because the Universe wants you to learn in a very honest way. Much like the 2 of Pentacles, who carries the energy of simply just going with things, and deciding to learn as you go.

You’re learning how to grow right now because you’re finally in a place where you’re receptive of healing.

To the outer world, you may appear as The Knight of Wands, but I personally see this as someone new coming into your life. They don’t necessarily have to be a fire sign, but they’re someone who is passionate and dynamic. They may take your mind to a place more steamy and exciting.

This is very good for you, beloved. If someone approaches you on this full moon with some sort of magnetism, don’t be afraid of their attraction. Embrace it, beloved.

They’re here to show you just how appealing you always are- and you always deserve that.

Although you’re going through a period of inner and external growth, The High Priestess with the Knight of Wands compels me to tell you that new passion and intimacy may spark in your life with someone now. Or if you are already coupled, you being in a more positive place might greatly spark new life in your relationship. Passion is in the cards.

Take that with a grain of salt.

As your energy card, the 10 of Wands reversed seems appropriate.

You’re almost there, beloved. Don’t give up now.

You’ve walked this road alone for so long, and so many times before. This is just another period of new insight for you.

But instead of ignoring your internal issues right now, I challenge you to consume them, and then destroy them with poise.

By completing rising to a higher vibration, and opening yourself up to new experiences and new opportunities. On sight.

You have that type of power within you, beloved.

I hope you didn’t forget.

Enjoy Luna. And be sexy.

With all of my love.


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