Taurus: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. Nobody can compete with you! It’s time to switch up.


Taurus. 🙂

We have a very different energy present this full moon from the last new moon reading.

You chose love last time, right? And I think you might’ve pissed a few people off in the process. Your entire reading is filled with opposition and obstacles.

You’re in a new phase of your life, beloved. How does it feel?

Do you feel the rise of glory? If you don’t yet, it’s because you might still be in a place you need to leave behind.

Taurus, I think you’ve stepped into a great place of passion. As the Knight of Wands charges forward, he leaves no room for doubt or worry. You, beloved, are becoming more fiery day by day, and you are inspired by your life right now. You wake up and want to be dutiful. You want to feel love. You want every moment to count. You’re searching for nirvana.

Your vision for love and life is so bright; everything that still feels blue inside of you, you want nothing more than to be done with for good.

So, what are you waiting for? The 8 of Cups is saying you’re free to leave it behind, beloved. The Universe is waiting on you. 

Despite the “Taurus are lazy” stereotype, you aren’t even all that lazy. What slows a Taurus down is being surrounded by people who can’t keep up.

Nobody can compete with you, beloved. You are the producers of the zodiac. So many people would not be who they are if a Taurus never came around and put them on to game.

Beloved, you’re the plug for talent. You see the value in people, and you want to help them climb the ladder of success. Often times, once you get someone to their destination, they leave you behind.

And as much as that deeply sucks, focus on this:

They STILL wouldn’t have gotten there without you.

For quite some time beloved, you’ve wanted to include people in your life and make people happy, but this has been at the expense of your own happiness.

This full moon is asking you to finally start putting yourself first again. And to reconsider who you allow in your life.

You know your tribe, beloved. Being Venus ruled, you know exactly who is your cup of tea, and who isn’t.

What’s all the fuss about?

Beloved, there are people you need to get rid of. You know exactly who they are. You know who competes with you, who brings you down, and who simply gets in your way. You know who hurts you, who takes advantage of you, and who doesn’t appreciate you for what you’re worth.

Don’t pretend like you don’t. These situations and relationships need to be confronted on this full moon once and for all. Any negative relationships in your life still brewing, like poison, is seeping inside of you slowly, and keeping you weak, beloved.

Beloved, you are the most valuable sign of the zodiac. You are fixed earth. You have the stability that everyone desires. As you move throughout the rest of Gemini season, you’re going to find yourself having to balance your light side, with your dark side.

You have some people in your life that only stay around to secretly inject their venom in you, and keep you weak. Weaker than them is their goal.

When all of this is actually an illusion. Because the only way someone can be stronger than a Taurus is if that Taurus allows this person to make them weak.

Your decisions are always the most firm. People naturally follow your lead, whether you recognize this or not.

You’re walking with a new step now. People are focusing in on you, and starting to notice how you bright you shine. With two 5 cards in your outcome positions, chaos is in the works for you. Envy, jealousy, and power struggles will take place during this next lunar phase.

There are people who want what you have, beloved. They act like they’re happy for you, but if they could take what you have, they would in a second.

I know you don’t like to hear this, beloved. But you’re so genuine that sometimes you need someone to remind you of the darkness and cruelty that exists in others.

Although you won’t be jealous of anyone, many of the people in your surroundings are keeping their eyes on you, and are becoming more and more jealous of you.

And let’s not be naive. You know that whatever you decide to give yourself to, you have to give it your greatest effort. You know that life in many ways is one big competition. But this inner knowing and infinite wisdom you’re born with, it what makes you a person that others can’t compete with.

When people compete with you, they’re just competing with themselves. When you compete with people, you’re making yourself better. You’re not ever actually in a threatening position. There’s never been a time you couldn’t hold your own.

That’s the difference.

Here is you full moon task, beloved:

Decide who is worthy and who is loyal. The 3 of Pentacles is a card about stable foundations and friendships. You may have someone, or a few people in your life who do want to see you happy. You may even have some people in your life right now that you can do business with. There is good people in your life. You may even have people in your life right now that admire you from a distance, and hope you find your bliss.

Anyone that doesn’t fully support your vision, is now getting in your way, beloved.

Be very firm during this cycle. There are people plotting on your demise, and they have a very open access to you.

This full moon in Sagittarius requires you to engage in new steps.

Who are you getting rid of, and who are you going to bring in closer? What projects are you going to pursue, and which ones are you better off leaving behind?

This full moon is bringing endings for you. The 8 of cups as your first card is saying that above all, you’re leaving things behind this time. Finally, and for good.

8 of Cups is a whole lot of cups.

You have a lot of work to do, and a lot of emotions to process.

How can you create a perfect flow of abundance, a yin and yang within your reality, (much like the 2 of Pentacles) when you’re having to be so many things for so many people?

You can only be you, and do whats best for you, beloved.

This full moon is throwing urgent energy at you.

This is the calm before the storm, and the grind before the come up.

These phases are important in life.

These phases require a strong support system, which is what would benefit you most right now. A true, solid support system of people that genuinely want the best for you.

Who’s worth it?

What’s worth it?

The power games have officially started, and of course, Taurus is in first place.

As always!

Don’t you dare give up your spot. Not for love. Not for peace. Not for anything. You deserve first place every single time you find yourself there.

Move swiftly and with force for the rest of this season.

The pay off is going to be greater than you ever thought possible.


As I meditated on your sign before I started your reading, I pulled the King of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles reversed. Two character cards. As a heads up, be careful with male water signs and female earth signs. Or, anyone that can be overly emotional, or very rigid and superficial.

If someone just came to your mind, trust your intuition.

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!

With all of my love.

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