Virgo: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. Too much to do, not enough time.


The work is never finished, is it, beloved?

Dear Virgo,

First off, happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! Sit back and relax.

I have a story to tell you.

Once upon a time there was this mutable earth sign that felt obligated to fix everything wrong with the entire world. This earth sign had so much healing energy and manifesting power, that it created a world of chaos inside of its head. Due to the preconceived notion it had to be able to fix itself, and also fix everything and everyone around them.

Sound familiar, beloved?

Before I did your reading, I was shuffling the cards and 10 cards flew out. All reversed character cards.

I immediately felt the panic inside that you often feel. I felt the pressure and panic of having so many people in front of me, so many demands, so much chaos involving others.

This is often your reality, beloved. Many people place demands on you without even asking if you can handle the weight. You, beloved, are always carrying the wounds of others. You are always picking up everyone when they fall. You carry so much, beloved.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself who does this for you?

Dearly beloved,

The time to be selfish has arrived. The time to get YOUR life, YOUR finances, and YOUR emotions in order, is finally here.

Time hasn’t been your friend lately. Not the slightest.

In fact, you may spend some of your nights up and awake, consumed in worry. You may spend a lot of your time consumed in panic.

Your nerves can be bad sometimes, beloved. I know.

The 9 of swords and The Hanged Man reversed is saying that you need to calm down. You cannot make time move faster just by thinking faster. You, much like the sign Aries, love to feel in control of time.

But beloved, haven’t you learned already that the Universe’s time is better than your own?

The Fool is asking you to surrender to all of your worries. Surrender, beloved. Trust that things are working out exactly as they should, and you don’t have to fix everything all on your own as fast as you can.

Patience, beloved. Patience can take you very far.

On this full moon in Sagittarius, all of the duties and obligations in your life will become magnified. You’re going to have a clear understanding of everything you need to get in order by the end of this Gemini season.

Right now, financial stability and working towards a more balanced life is on your mind.

The Four of Pentacles paired with the 8 of Pentacles indicates there is more work ahead of you.

Temperance reversed sitting right underneath The Fool reminds you that no matter how much you accomplish, nothing feels better than balance and harmony.

Yes, beloved, you can work as hard as you can and get things done. But will that bring you happiness, or, just a sense of relief?

Your burdens aren’t what’s making you unhappy. Your own inner unhappiness is the greatest burden in your life right now.

You have so much to do and so much to build upon that you might feel like you don’t even know where to start.

The Page of Wands reversed says to start right here. Start wherever you are, beloved. Just start. Right now.

Once you become excited about all of the happiness and achievement you’re going to experience by the end of this Gemini season, your tension will ease up.

Things always work out for you, beloved. You know this. You’ve EARNED this gift by always putting in the hard work. Nothing you do goes unnoticed.

Your energy card being the 6 of Swords is here to remind you that it’s okay to get away. It’s okay to escape into your own world for a little and recharge.

You need to take a break, beloved. You’ve been working really hard. Harder than others, as usual.

Focus on joy this full moon. You’ve already mastered the art of working on the task in front of you, and executing things perfectly.

Learn to master joy.

Then you’ll know achievement.



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