Aquarius: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. Your power is radiating. Share it.


Wow, Aquarius.

Once again, you’ve received the most powerful cards!

Beloved, you are really walking on a dream right now, and things just keep getting better.

But, hold fast.

With so much energy inside of you right now- so much joy, passion, dedication, power, and stamina, you need to delegate some of this over to someone. Or something.

The first row of your reading with Justice sitting right in the center- it has been karmic fate for you to reach this Four of Wands place in life where you have things to celebrate.

The Universe literally decided, “hey, let’s give Aquarius all of the blessings right now.”

Do not let this get to your head though, beloved. Because this is for a purpose.

What are you going to do with it all? I hope not just keep it to yourself.

The Devil and The Emperor warn you to not let power get to your head. Be careful with your desires, and any indulgent behavior on this full moon. Be fair, and do not try to control situations or other people at this time.

With Strength following The Devil and The Emperor, this could indicate very passionate love. You could becoming more vulnerable through some sort of karmic love and sexuality present in your life, and although it makes you softer, it’s actually making you stronger than you’ve ever been. On a very intimate, and internal level.

Embrace this purity inside. Do not let the beauty of love and happiness turn you power hungry for more. Enjoy every inch of what you have right now, because you’re experiencing much more happiness than others.

The most important card in your reading is the first card out, the 3 of Pentacles.

This is a card about collaboration, teamwork, business partners, and friendships that lead to success.

This is why I said earlier to try not to harness all of this energy only for yourself, but to radiate it onto someone or something beneficial in your life.

Beloved, there is someone in your life, or even multiple people, who can bring even more success to you. These people are radiant like you, and they have vision like you do.

With so much power right now, you must share it.

Start a project with someone that matters to you or you admire. Tell someone how much they inspire you or motivate you, and this person will return that love and inspiration to you. 10 fold.

You’re in a place of manifestation. You are a channel of manifestation right now for the people around you.

You might find yourself on this full moon and throughout the rest of Gemini season having more plans with friends, and doing more social activities.

Team up with someone, beloved. Choose your tribe right now.

Whoever you decide to radiate all of this power onto, is only going to return it to you, and you both can shine together.

The final row of your reading is nonetheless, empowering.

The 8 of Pentacles indicates someone who is away, working on a task very important to them, and trying to master something. This is very much so, the card of the master worker. If this doesn’t resonate with you, this could be a hint to the people in your life right now that you must connect with.

If this is you, keep up the good work, beloved. You’re on to some serious skills, and you’re learning how to become a master at what you do.

You will find that by the end of Gemini season, and the beginning of Cancer season, you have completely filtered your way through a transformation.

The magic you’re experiencing in your life right now is actually a death for who you used to be.

You’re growing into something powerful and authentic, beloved.

You thought this growth was going to be painful, and never would’ve thought it’d be this beautiful.

Ah, yes. Growth.

Your growth is a show for all. When you transform, beloved, it is like seeing magic.

The Magician as your outcome card is saying that you literally have everything you need to make everything you want happen. Everything you want to manifest is already within you.

Work on your skills, beloved.

Incorporate new rituals into your life that sharpen your mind, and enhance your spirituality.

It is only up from here.

Take those you deem worthy right along with you.

Magic feeds off of magic.

Now that you’re understanding your infinite power and radiance, use it in the Aquarian way.

Be the humanitarian you will always be, and have always been.

Help others, beloved. Give someone a chance to show you what they’re good at. Have an open mind for the people around you.

When you start to open your mind to the true nature of people around you, you will begin to see you’re sitting in the middle of ¬†energetic millionaires.

The Sun as your energy card indicates total happiness for you on this full moon.

A masculine and sunny energy will be present with you. Enjoy it, and bask in it.

Tell someone you love how much they mean to you, or spend time with children on this full moon.

Being around people and places that make you happy will raise your vibration to places you never thought possible.

You deserve all of this, beloved.

Share it with the world!

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