Aries: New Moon in Cancer Tarot reading, 2017. Mission complete. Count your blessings and build.


Happy new moon in cancer feels. 🌕✨🌹

Better days are here, and they’ve arrived right on time.img_5918

After a rough few months, I think the last full moon in Sagittarius really pulled you inwards.

You’ve reached a place where you understand and accept how you feel. Therefore, now you can move forward with less density, and more joy.



Your first card out, The Hanged Man, was a relief to see.

Time is of the essence.

You understand now, beloved.

You don’t control time, but you do control what you do with the time you’re given.


You have the Ace of Cups and Ace of Pentacles in the center of your reading.

Not only is new love a possibility now, but so is a new opportunity, and prosperity, being handed right to you. Both of these blessings will be long lasting and fulfilling.

Stability, beloved. A chapter one. A new breath of fresh air. You smell the roses and the coffee all over again.

How does it feel? What new smells do you recognize that you didn’t before?

Focus on this.

Bring your senses back to life.


Wealth, beloved. Emotional and material wealth are now the forces guiding your life forward.

As you gaze upon Luna this week, and you watch the way she cycles and transforms, remind yourself that so do you.

By the end of this summer, beloved, you will be living in a brand new reality.

You’re going to have more, feel more, and experience more.

Love more.

But until then, beloved, stay in the center of your wealth. Your very own heart space. In your own lane. Minding your own business.

If working and gaining financial security is helping you heal and focus on reality again, then so be it.

Save, grow, and collect a harvest for fall.

The King of Pentacles is a card I always relate to the saying, “lay low and build.”

This is what healing looks like for you.


You’re back in the game.


This new moon in Cancer is going to enlighten you with the realization of your own fragility.

You’ve come a long way, beloved. You’ve survived through so much you thought you’d never be able to get over. But look at you now. Over it.


You may find yourself chuckling with luna.

You may ask yourself, “how did I ever, even for one second, fall off my path?”

You didn’t, beloved. You were just trying out new steps.


The double Aces are bringing you a brand new chapter. Within both of these chapters, lies warmth and intimate clarity.


Here lies the abyss.


For the rest of Cancer season, focus on your heart, and get comfortable with where you are in life right now. Sure, you have levels to advance to, but you’ve already leveled up many times before. Congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve grown in such a short amount of time.


With the Queen of Pentacles and Nine of Swords as your energy cards, be careful not to get so focused on material things that you create more disconnect between you and your spirit. As much as you want to get ahead and gain stability, is as much as you need to rest your mind. Don’t become consumed with your material and physical reality to the point where you forget about your soul. Sleep well. Create better habits and routines. Focus more on the vision rather than just the pay out.


Queen of Pentacles & Nine of Swords:

Beloved, the one and only Ram,

As money rises, and so does the sun,

Make sure you still look for the moon in your dreams

As your nights get longer, let your thoughts get smaller

Rest, beloved

You have more than enough

You are more than enough

And there is so much more to pass around

Hold tightly to the vibrant and beaming sun that sits inside of you

Even through the night, it will help you find your way

 Gaia’s favorite child, the suns admirable vision of youth

Go to war with darkness

Here’s a secret:

Eternal light wins

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