Cancer: Your one and only NEW MOON Tarot reading of 2017. Redirection of a life time.

Happy new moon, moon child. 🌕💖🙂

Each zodiac sign gets one new moon, and one full moon every year.

Beloved, you already being the moon children of the zodiac, new and full moons in your sign are nothing less than life changing.

For quite some time now you’ve been trying to overcome some emotional distress.

You may have been walking sideways, maneuvering through the density of your shell, trying to find a new way.

Here it is, beloved.img_5926

This time, instead of thinking you have to initiate the changes, trust that your changes are already being divinely constructed for you to walk into.

If you thought you could skip out on this lesson, beloved, or find a way out of new changes, you thought wrong.

The Lovers as your first card out demands your souls evolution.

Now, beloved, is the time where the Universe decides to take matters in its own hands, and send you down the path you need to go on.

Your soul is going to experience divine love on this new moon. If not with a partner, or yourself, then with the Universe itself.


Death with The Tower is a strong indication of abrupt change that is final and conclusive.

Your getting a brand new shell to wear, beloved.

You’ve bruised and broken your last one beyond repair.


Embrace this personal evolution.

This is a beautiful time for you, beloved.

No matter how much it may hurt and disturb you, it is ultimately, and only, in your best interest to experience.


The Lovers is bringing you a new connection to the divine, and your spirituality is now being awakened to a greater level.

These changes coming to you on your new moon is igniting new purpose in your life, and granting you the ability to find new stability that grounds you back to the shore again.

You’ve been swirling in waters for far too long, beloved.


It’s time to create a new wave of navigating through your emotions.

You’ve got this, beloved.

You are divinely protected, loved, and supported.

You are always luna’s favorite.


The Knight of Pentacles indicates that this new path you’re going on is a long one. This new chapter you’re starting is going to be timely and lasting.


Your next move matters, beloved.

Your very next step is significant.


Not only are you embarking on a new adventure, but you’re navigating through it differently, as well.

This isn’t just a bandaid on your wound, beloved, this is real change.


So, where do you start? What comes next?

Choose from a place of love.


The King of Pentacles and Eight of Wands as your energy cards indicates fast evolution. The road to a brand new you and reality could be right in your backyard, only a few steps away. But only because of the time you’ve invested into your vision, beloved.

For such a long time, you’ve been planning for your new beginning. You were waiting for the waves to calm down so you can crawl back to shore.

You’re prepared, beloved. More than prepared.

You not only are enough, and have enough, but you have more than enough.


The seeds have been planted, all that’s left is your watering.

What must be nourished now?

Is it your financial stability? Is it your physical reality?

It just may be, beloved.


The decision you make for your life and future on this new moon will quickly advance you to a greater vibration.

The pursuit- this is your focus right now. Not the destination, but the very own pursuit.


Abundance is all around you because you are what’s abundant.

Whatever your reality becomes after this new moon, is solely because of what you decide it to be.


You only get one new moon a year. Don’t let this one slip between your fingers.

Use this magic for yourself, beloved.

Get your life and your psyche to where you want it to be.

Let go of everything still hurting you.

Luna is supporting your evolution.

So should you.


King of Pentacles and Eight of Wands:

Sitting under the moon lights gaze can feel a lot like money

You know,

Shiny, empowering, and dangerously abundant with lust

Coins are falling out of your pockets

You reach for the floor, and there you find a stack of cash

What did you really grab from the ground for?

You stand up and look around

The stack in your pocket, but stillness in your heart

Why fear

Coins turn into paper in the blink of an eye

But you should really carry a bag

Pockets were never too safe to begin with

Get in the car and go

Turn your blinker on before you turn right towards paradise

There is abundance following you there with all of your luggage

You wouldn’t want to miss your turn, would you?

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