Gemini: New Moon in Cancer Tarot reading, 2017. Be the lover you are, and buy someone a drink.

Happy new moon in Cancer, beloved. โœจ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒ•

I hope your season treated you well. ๐Ÿ˜


What lovely cards have presented themselves for you.

You’re dazzled by the love and light surrounding you.


The Three of Cups as your first card out says a lot about how you’ll be manifesting happiness during this next lunar cycle.

Go out, beloved. Experience more life. Meet more people.


If you are seeking divine enlightenment, or a spiritual awakening, go out more and be receptive of signs. People watch. Observe and live in the moment. Let the moon talk to you when someone says a certain phrase, or you see the way someone moves their body. Get in tune with your surroundings and let everything around you serve as a teacher.

If you are seeking divine love, or genuine companionship, even a muse, perhaps. It would benefit you greatly to go out and mingle with some water signs this Cancer season. Talk about art, mysticism, and all of your dreams and hidden talents with strangers. This will be fun. Look for the art living in your surroundings. Look for inspiration and miracles. If you can’t find them, create them. Or find someone who already has.

If you are seeking intuitive understanding and divine guidance, you will discover more of it the more you step outside of your comfort zone.


Throw glitter on your car and then get a car wash.

Tell the world you were pranked.

Be fairy-like on this new moon, and throughout this Cancer season.

It will only raise your frequency.


Beloved, open yourself up to new experiences.

This does mean actively becoming more social and attending events.


Flirt with the Universe.

Blow a kiss at luna.


You’re a twin flame, remember? You are The Lovers card in the Tarot.

This is your entire existence: loving.


Being a Gemini, beloved, the way you become more in tune with the divine is by being childlike and having as much fun as you can.

This new moon in Cancer is asking you to do what you do best- go out with the intention of a fun filled night, and come back home with new discoveries about life.


The High Priestess, Page of Cups, and The Hierophant together indicates you’re in a deep search right now. Subconsciously, you may be seeking something profound.

The Page of Cups can indicate that a child can bring you inspiration right now, or a younger person who is involved in mysticism, music, or the arts in some way.

Explore, beloved. The answers you seek are sitting in the mouths of people around you.


Cheers to that.


The Lovers and The World as your energy cards is divinely beautiful.

Beloved, you are experiencing twin flame side effects right now.

You’re buzzing with inspiration, and if you aren’t looking for a muse, you are the muse.

Engulf yourself in this frequency. Dance with your own excitement.

Your heart is now vibrating at a greater power, and this process is spiritual by nature.


New people, new insights, and new beliefs are here now. Your senses are heightened to a level you can’t logically comprehend.


Just go with it, beloved.

It’s bigger than you.

Be grateful to be apart of something so magically mutable.


The Lovers and The World:


Do you hear all of the buzzing?

The mutable frequency that vibrates in your veins,

I feel your twitching

I hear your lust

Dance with your lover, even if it’s you

Completion revoles,

and your twin shows their face again

Holding a white rose,

curled around the wall,

looking directly at you

Do you want to dance?

Dance, beloved,

You know what you see


while the moonย illuminatesย through the darkness of the night

Your only duty is toย gazeย 


and gaze,

in the midst of her light

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