Taurus: New Moon in Cancer Tarot reading, 2017. Love is alive and so are you.

Happy new moon in Cancer, beloved. πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ•πŸ˜

If i’m not mistaken, energy has calmed down for you since the last full moon in Sagittarius.img_5915

You have something you’re after, beloved, something you’re willing to protect.


Before this new moon, you may have already experienced this solid understanding. But now, things have shifted.

Beloved, I think you’ve realized who is in your way, who and what you have to hold, and everything that needs to be let go of.

You’re ready to move, beloved. You’re ready to come for everything you’ve been after.


The Knight of Wands as your first card indicates this will typically be a positive and exciting time for you. You will have more zest for life and want to be exploring.

Beloved, explore in the mind. Explore internally. Keep your eyes focused on what’s ahead of you.


A deep and profound connection to the divine is now being birthed by you.

You’re learning to find balance in your life. You’re understanding the meaning of peace.

Focus on your bliss, beloved.

On this new moon, affirm what you love. Affirm who you love.

Make sure you’re a part of that list.


Open your heart and speak into the universe how thankful you are for your love.

How lucky anyone would be to have your love.

How beautiful of a life it is, to love and be connected to something so divine, beloved.


The entire ground beneath you is shaking.

A new vision is beginning to find its way to the center of your sight.


The Death card is indicating that great emotional healing and spiritual evolution is taking place for you on this new moon.

What you seek is seeking you. So own in on your target, beloved.

This is a new chapter.


Temperance with The Lovers can suggest a magnificent and potent spiritual awakening.

Now is not the time to get trapped in your own logic or worry.

Don’t allow yourself to stand up straight and on your toes throughout this next lunar cycle.

Relax, beloved. Be at ease.

Do only things you truly love.


The 9 of Wands is what you’re having the hardest time refraining and resisting from right now. Your own doubts and paranoia may be creeping in your mind.

These thoughts are irrational. You are divinely loved and protected.

Nothing can steer you away from your purpose. Or take away what is rightfully yours in the heart.

There is peace in knowing that.


The Empress and The Hierophant as your energy cards suggest that you’re coming into a brand new perspective about the world and your purpose in it.

Love is blooming, and so are your beliefs.

Spiritual growth should be your main focus in life right now.

Love and light is calling out your name.

Flip the page, beloved.

You are only at barely a quarter of your full Β potential.

What the Universe and the new moon in Cancer has in store for you is greater than what you’ve imagined.


It’s safe to put your rose tinted glasses back on, beloved.

Let yourself see the way you want to see.

Talk and make love to flowers. Bury what already died in your garden.

This is a creative, spiritual, and divine time for you.

Focus intensely on love.


The Empress and The Hierophant:

In the middle of the night, spirit is going to whisper sweet nothings into your ear

The waves and hues of this new voice comes only with gifts

Like the body that wakes first in the morning and stretches every limb,

Your very own heart strings are now growing closer to divinity

Come closer

Feel the warmth of love

Grab hold of what is pink and lively

Stay far away from what is grey,

and begs for your touch

Don’t wake up to the sun

Fall asleep with the moon


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