Leo: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. The sun is placed in the abyss.

The mass of the sun is 1.989 × 10^30 kg.

You know, it’s actually like a heavy ball of gas.

It’s a hot and vibrant star, living in the dark.


Hi Leo. 😍


On this new moon in Cancer, beloved, you’re being tested by the abyss within you.

Darkness will be a theme during the next lunar cycle, but this is deeply needed.


When Death and Judgement come out together, deep transformations are taking place. Some of these changes you’re experiencing, beloved, may even be from a past life.

You are doing some serious karmic rebalancing. This has all to do with the north node that recently shifted into your zodiac sign.


The focus is all on you. The spotlight is all on you.

Leo, I know this makes you nervous, but right now, it’s really all on you.


So, what do you do with this pressure?


Well, beloved, you make diamonds. And then you sell them to rich people who want to vacation under the sun. Then you pet their lion, call yourself a king, and tag the photo with Dj Khaled.


With the 10 of Wands sitting between Death and Judgement, there is a lot of work sitting on your shoulders right now. Burden may be overclouding your discernment and clarity.

You may find yourself on this new moon boggled down by all that you need to do.

I would love to tell you to relax, beloved, but that’s irrelevant to what’s going on.


What you’re facing in this time of your life is far beyond your control.

Everything you’re experiencing is being orchestrated by the Universe.


Angels are guiding you.

Whether you believe it or not.


The sky may begin to crack open during Cancer season, and you’ll finally see that during this entire time of struggle, you’ve been being guided.


Last year when the North Node was in Virgo, all of the Virgos had to process their karma and go through massive transformations.

Now, it’s your turn, beloved.


This isn’t anything to fear, but to embrace.


Everything you’re going through right now and for the rest of this year, if it doesn’t kill you first, it will indeed make you better than you’ve ever imagined you can be.

The galactic is shifting in your honor, beloved.


I know the urgency levels are high, and you just want to get away and smile for awhile.

I know you feel the flames rising and your ego blaring off with alarm sounds.

I know the intensity of these experiences, new insights, and new emotions, if nothing else, are deeply challenging.

But I don’t know a single lion who’s afraid to roar.


The Three of Cups compels me to remind you, beloved, that there’s no need to be all about work without any play.

Do something that brings you joy on this new moon. Make yourself a drink. Call a friend and talk about something light, that will make you both giddy.


As the only sign ruled by the sun, you are not allowed to become consumed by your darkness, beloved.

Don’t you dare give up the good fight.

Instead, toast to yourself!

Toast to your predetermined victory that’s already on its way.

You’re just getting started.


Everything feels heavy because you are being built. Layer on top of layer, beloved, brick after brick.

You won’t even recognize yourself when all of this is over.

But you will still be the sun.


With the Eight of Pentacles and Two of Wands as your energy cards, this is a message for diligence and commitment.

The Ten of Wands lets you know that yes, there’s a lot of work to be done.

The Eight of Pentacles asks you, “which project comes first?”



Both the Eight of Pentacles and Two of Wands show a person who is far away from others. Someone who has a lot to think about, and a lot to work on.

Distance yourself, beloved. If you must.

If the work does have to come first, and there are priorities that must be handled, then please by all means, hide away in your den and get things handled.


But this work all begins and ends with your decision to commit to self.


Commit to the work, beloved. Commit to the healing. Commit to the transformation. Commit to the better you that you want to be. And then follow through. Completely.

We need the sun to shine, beloved. We want you to do what you have to do in order to be back to yourself again.

Accept this conquest with honor and commitment in your large and lion heart.


Eight of Pentacles and Two of Wands:

The nails being hammered in the wall begin to echo in the hallway

Knock, knock, knock

Flat. Safe. In. Complete.

Flat. Safe. In. Complete.

Knock, knock, knock

All alone in your home with a list of things to do

Number one gets scratched off

You scratch your head at the reality of number two

Number five, number nine, number twelve,

to twenty-two

Deep breath, followed by a gasp

What a whole to do

So the home owner opens their tool box and takes another deep breath

My home

My light

My vision

I will, or I won’t

Knock, knock, knock

Flat. Safe. In. Complete.

Flat. Safe. In. Complete.

I do

I am

I will do what I am

What a lovely painting you’ve hung on the wall

Who is the artist if it isn’t you

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