Libra: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. Learning to recognize your own vibe.

As above, so below. As above, so below. As above, so below.

I feel compelled to say this to you, beloved.

But firstly, happy new moon in Cancer, Libra. 😊🌹✨ img_5940

The Queen of Cups as your first card and the King of Swords as your outcome card represents your very own Libra balancing act.

This new moon in Cancer is bringing you the gift of vision, beloved. You’re beginning to see more options around you. You’re owning in on everything you really want, and understanding what really matters to you.

Do you pursue this with a stern mind, or with an open heart?


The Hierophant and Seven of Cups centered in your reading suggests a conflict between what you’ve always known to be true vs. what you now believe to be true. You may be fighting between what you think is right vs. what feels right.


This conflict is weighing down on your scales and has you in a position where you have to decide who you want to be.

And remember, beloved, you can be both.

You can have both mental clarity and emotional understanding. You can be in touch with your inner most emotions, and your higher self.

You are special, beloved. Don’t you know this?

Venus loves you.


Fantasy could be a theme for you on this new moon. Day dreaming, moon gazing, all things mystical will benefit you greatly. You’re at a place where you need to fantasize in order to figure out what you really desire.

A new spiritual path might open up for you now. A new road you’ve never walked on before may now clear ahead in your honor.


Pick a path, beloved. None of them are wrong.

Each of them have a purpose.

You are the missing piece.


With The Chariot and The Sun as your energy cards, this new moon is going to bring you life changing clarity.

You’re the first sign to get the Chariot (card of Cancer) therefore, I know things are going to start working out for you this Cancer season, beloved.


You are learning about what makes you happy.

You’re learning about your place in the world.

You’re learning, and growing, and somewhere in the midst of it all, you’re also learning to love yourself.

To accept yourself as whole.

Not as this person with two sides to them, but a person who seeks total fulfillment.

As both a dreamer and an analyzer.

As both masculine and feminine.

As both fragile, and strong.


The infamous balancing act, beloved.

Libra things. πŸ˜‹

That’s what you’re working on right now if you weren’t sure what to call it.


Move forward with grace.

Move forward with love and light.

Move forward in whichever direction you desire most.


There is no wrong path to take.

Only alternate routes which lead to the same place.


The Chariot and The Sun:

Tie the left shoe

Tie the right shoe

Laces up, loops tight


The sunrise sneaks in through the window

Yellow, pink, and orange shadows invade thy space

Watch where you’re going

I’m on my way some where important

The night comes,

The moon illuminates white light through the window

Watch where you’re going

I have to wake up early tomorrow for something important




Wake up, soulless monster

Don’t you have somewhere to go?

An electric blue taxi arrives at your doorstep

You did say so

Didn’t you?

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