Scorpio: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. The muse you’re seeking is seeking you.

Hey Scorpio. 😩🤤😍

Happy new moon in Cancer. 🌕🌹img_5943.

If there isn’t someone new in your life that you feel mesmerized by, then you are this mesmerizing person right now, beloved.

The Empress and Nine of Pentacles sitting at the center of your reading portrays a beautiful, deeply confident, comfortably alone, extremely valuable and worthy woman. All by herself. This can be a new love interest in your life, or this may be how you see yourself and others see you right now. Regardless of gender. These are two cards about remarkably high self esteem.


Which in all honesty, what we see in our lovers is ultimately a reflection of what we see in ourselves.

So whoever your eyes are on right now, beloved, they are worth the effort.

Whoever is trying to keep their eyes on you, feels that you’re worth the effort.


This new moon in Cancer brings you sensuality.

Which you desperately need.


The Hierophant as your first card out suggest that you’re coming into a new spiritual identity. You’re understanding the world from a different perspective, but it’s not a new one.

It’s a belief or idea that you already know serves you best.

It’s romantic, mystical, wealthy, and divine.


You’ve been working hard for financial stability.

You’ve been focusing all of your efforts into your work and your comfortability.


I think now, beloved, you’re bored.


You are at a place in your life now where you’e ready to invite love in.


The King of Pentacles as your outcome card suggests that you have more than enough financial and material security. You’ve cushioned your reality enough to the point where you can now invite someone else in it.


The Knight of Wands and The Lovers as your energy cards shows someone who’s target is on love. You’re passionate and driven right now to pursue something greater than yourself. Greater than this mundane reality. Greater than other people you’ve pursued in your past.


This new pursuit of happiness, divinity, sacred love, and purpose, is all you should be focusing on during this Cancer season.

It’s time, beloved.

Let someone in.

Let someone love you.

Let yourself love them back.

Dance with lust.


If you can’t take your eyes off of something, you really should pursue it with all you’ve got.

Whoever this person is, or this new zest for life may involve, it is remarkably important to you. It is of the most value in your eyes. You can’t rest until you have it.


So go get it, beloved.


Express your desires and emotions to whoever needs to know them. Even if that may be yourself. Accept your own passion and share it with the world. Or maybe just a special someone in it.

It’s been awhile, beloved, but theres no better time than now.


Pursue love.

Create something.

Have sex.

Be magical.

Activate your kundalini.


The Universe is in your favor right now and ready to send you something new.

Be open to it.


Everyone wants to fall in love with a Scorpio.

Everyone wants to be loved by a Scorpio.

You are the prize.


And whoever or whatever is next, is a gift from the Universe.

Sent to you on purpose.

Trust in that.


Take a risk, babe.



Knight of Wands and The Lovers:

Do you see her?

Wait! Don’t let her see you!


Why not?

Eyes ahead.

Let us rattle from left to right

Side to side

Up and down

Launch back and propel face to face

Are you sure you see her?

I see her

She’s looking right at me

I’m not sure if it’s her I see,

or if I see me

You see me, don’t you?

Yeah, I do see you

I see you too

Don’t look away

Promise you won’t?

I promise

I promise, too




They never looked away

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