Virgo: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. You are your first and last greatest love.

Happy new moon, Virgo. 🦋🌕💖

The last full moon in Sagittarius really shook you up.

The cards we have for this new moon in Cancer are speaking loud and clear.

img_5935You’ve reached a brand new place spiritually, and on a soul level, beloved. You may have a greater understanding of your life than what you had maybe even a month ago.  But this has been a long time coming.

Beloved, aren’t you tired of running in this rat race?

The time for you to change your life and evolve is now.

But the way you think this has to be done, is not the only way. You are in for some major surprises in which the Universe will send.

You are in for a major surprise.


The Empress as your first card out addresses your self esteem.

How comfortable do you feel, beloved?

Are you ready to get comfy, or are you realizing you’ve been comfy for too long?

Maybe somewhere in between lies your truth.


You have every right to feel comfortable with who you are, beloved.

But you could work on your ability to believe in happy endings.

You could strengthen your trust in source, and learn to be more positive.


The Fool requires that you surrender during this next lunar cycle.

You must, beloved.

You can’t continue to bring yourself down over things you can’t even change.


You can take risks.

You can drop everything and say, “I know things will be okay.”

You have this power, beloved.


The Ace of Swords sitting in the center with The Fool depicts a situation where a person who trusts in the divine finally gets the breakthrough they’ve been wishing for.

Work smarter, beloved, not harder.

Give away some of your load.


Regardless of the religion or spiritual belief you subscribe to, the quote that comes to my mind for you this new moon is, “let go and let God.”


This mission is beyond you, beloved.


Once you understand and surrender to this truth, this is when you will find your own.

Beloved, you are not just a worker who helps and heals others. You are not just someone who lives and works and dies. You are the Angels of the zodiac. Your duties are far more ethereal and purposeful than to only live a mundane life.

But in order for you to break out of this mundane life, you have to stop allowing yourself to feel and think in an mundane manner.


Get out of your own comfort zone, beloved.

This is where you will find your truth.


The Tower as your outcome card affirms that change will occur on this new moon. It will be unexpected and out of your control, but it will be exactly what you need in order to snap out of your rigidity.


The Two of Cups and The Hierophant as your energy cards highlights the potential for sacred love.

Beloved, I think you’re at the beginning stages of falling in love with yourself.



You fell out of love with yourself some time ago, but here you are again.

The virgin, on a quest for pure love. Which you know can only be found in yourself.


You want to fall back in love with yourself.


On this new moon, beloved, I dare you to get married to your higher self.

Marry your truth.

Marry your dignity.

Marry your heart.

Marry your worth.


Become one with yourself, beloved.

You need this now more than ever.


If you’re lucky, someone else may take on the role of this divine and sacred lover, and you may find yourself meeting one of your soulmates for the first time.

Maybe you’ll be seeing them for the very first time, even though you’ve seen them before.


This situation regarding merging of two energies, and the coming together as one love is your focus for the rest of summer.


Waking up everyday and affirming that you are love and you are loved can move mountains, beloved.


Your transformation doesn’t have to be so difficult. You don’t have to make this difficult.


Let go, and let love in.


Look to your opposite sign Pisces if you want to learn how to be a lover again.


Be the lover, beloved.

Talk to the moon.

Buy yourself fresh flowers.

Watch the abundance come swirling in, rather than trying to control its force.


Two of Cups and The Hierophant:

The heat from the shower fogs the medicine cabinet

As a hand rubs the glass without tact,

and looks at their own bare face

The right pointer finger glides over the bottom lip

Another day, another wet face to look at in the mirror

Chapstick slides like the towel


The next morning you take a cold shower instead

The mirror is blank and dry, and there lies your lover

Goosebumps rise on your arms as the air conditioner turns on

Now it’s cold and you need clothes

You kiss yourself hard enough to see fog on the glass again

Maybe the sexiest steam is the one we generate on our own

Maybe coldness and heat can both bring you home


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