Aquarius: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. Nostalgia is not your friend. It’s your curent asset.

Two fives.

I sense some conflict interfering with your emotions, beloved.

But first, happy new moon in Cancer.


This new moon in Cancer might be bringing you back to a time where conflict wasn’t a part of your daily life, and you were surrounded by love and freedom.

You miss this, beloved.

We all do. But right now, you especially do.

With all of the recent joy and new beginnings you’ve been experiencing, with so much high usually follows a low.

This is completely natural, beloved.


With the Knight of Swords as your first card out, and Five of Pentacles as your outcome card, there is a situation in your life that makes you feel undeserving. There is a sense of poverty lingering over your head. This may play out due to your living circumstances or actual financial reality, or it can be stemming from a lack of love and support.

Help may be closer than you think, beloved.

Help is near.

But you don’t feel like it is.


You may think taking charge and battling this is the way you’ll defeat it, or get out of it.

I would like to propose a different strategy.


Rather than being like the Knight of Swords, perhaps try being like the Hermit for awhile.


A soul mission down memory lane is long overdue.

There are parts of your inner child wounds that still need healing.


Heal them, beloved.

Go to that place and figure out what’s still there.

But do not stay.


The past, your heart space, and your emotions are not a place where you can be at your best and in a position to manifest.

But they are places you can go and learn from time to time.


Deepen your connection with the unknown, beloved. Deepen your connection with your inner child. Remind yourself of all you wanted to experience when you were younger. Get back to a place of love and support. Refrain from getting yourself into battles.

Cancer season, and this new moon in Cancer may bring you into a realm of nostalgia. You might find yourself thinking about previous pain and trying to understand it.

It’s completely normal to do this, just remember that you did already move past it.

All on your own.

In another time and place.


I think you’re searching for new perspectives, beloved. You want to understand how you got to where you are now. You want to understand why you feel the way you feel and why you are the way you are. You’re on a mission to understand sensitivity.


Something you aren’t too familiar with, but would like to better understand for others, and yourself.


With Five of Cups and Chariot as your energy cards, these wounds beginning to resurface are what you can use as fuel to get back in control, and moving forward with your life.

Your intellect can only take you so far, beloved.

Sometimes you have to practice duality within yourself.


The Five of Cups is a card of being sad and regretful over something that you can’t at all change, and has already happened and done its damage. This is a card about not wanting to initiate emotional change, but instead sitting in the reality of old wounds and feeling pain for them currently. Whatever this situation or person may be, move on from it, beloved. It serves you in no way other than a lesson learned.


The Chariot affirms that this minor setback is going to plunge you forward towards more victory. The Chariot being the card of Cancer, this new moon and lunar cycle throughout Cancer season is going to bring you great change and triumph.

But not without a few waves in the mix.

The Chariot moves forward physically with both a mental and emotional understanding. This is your duty, beloved.


Discover the meaning of compassion.

And then learn to save some for yourself.

You deserve it too, beloved.


Five of Cups and The Chariot:

Open the fridge and drink straight from the wine bottle

Don’t wipe your lips after you’re done chugging,

Leave the red stains there for decoration

Wear this moment

Take another chug and before you know it,

Finish the bottle and look at how you transformed something full into emptiness

Did you know you were capable of doing that?

You are

Look at the red stains drip like a Vampires mouth

Trash the bottle on the ground and clean up every piece of glass that shatters

You have 10 minutes to get ready

Skip your shower and call an uber

Just go



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