Capricorn: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. Axis battle. You are your own shadow.

Beloved, I would like for you to look back on your life and think about how Cancer season is for you every year. From the end of June to mid July, is it a pretty emotional time?

This could be because during your opposite season, you will have the sun in opposition to your sign. This Cancer new moon, and Cancer season in general, is going to be emotionally healing for you. This is the axis battle.

Each zodiac sign and their opposite sign create an axis. Capricorn and Cancer are their own axis. This season is intense, heavy, but ultimately what you avoid most, and need most to experience.

Emotional healing.

img_5953Happy new moon, Capricorn. ❤️


We have doubles of two cards and two Knights. The Three of Swords made an appearance again, and here we find the lovely cancer new moon sitting in your outcome position.

So many feels.


Two of Pentacles as your first card out affirms that you are in a position in life where you feel you need more time to get everything under control. But control is an illusion, beloved. You’ve reached a new place in your reality where you have to get in the swing of things. You have to get organized and productive, and get down to your priorities.


What are they, beloved?


If you really know the answer to that question, you wouldn’t feel like you’re hopping from one foot to the other all the time.

The goal for you during this next Lunar cycle should be to get a more solid understanding of what you value in your life, and who.

Then enjoy it.


What are you willing to devote yourself to?


A lack of focus could be burdening your psyche right now.


The Three of Swords also indicates that old wounds may resurface and re-open, as of this new moon in Cancer. You can feel the density of your own heart right now. You can feel the pain you’ve suppressed. You are sitting in the middle of your heart space, and wow, is it such a drag on your energy.


You don’t want to feel sad anymore, beloved. You really don’t.

As much burden as you may still be sitting with, you have the power to banish all of it for good.


The positive element of having the Three of Swords in your reading is that it’s mirroring the Two of Cups.

Your broken heart will be healed by the end of this Summer.


On this new moon in Cancer and throughout the rest of Cancer season, new opportunities for you to meet a sacred lover, soulmate, beloved, or someone who can mirror back to you who you are without projection is possible.

Love is in the cards for you. The mending of a broken heart is in the cards for you. Emotional re-examination and subconscious healing is in the cards for you.


Take a deep breath.


The Moon as your outcome card I believe is the actual new moon in Cancer.

On the day of this new moon, the sun, moon, and planet mars will be opposing your sign.

This day may be extremely intimate for you.

Major revelations about who you are and how you feel may now become illuminated.


I know you’ve been in your feelings for quite some time now, beloved, but now is when you can actually reach down inside and heal what’s been hurting you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to face yourself.


Until you no longer fear going into your heart space and acknowledging exactly how you feel, you will never truly know what emotionally fulfills you.


Do that work, beloved.

Figure it out and surrender.

It’s never as bad as we make it out to be.


With the Knight of Pentacles and Knight of Cups as your energy cards, I relate these two cards back to the Two of Pentacles and Two of Cups.



You could be trying to balance out your feminine and masculine sides right now, searching for discernment between your rational thoughts and deepest emotions, and trying to understand how you can live your life as the go getter you are, and also the romantic you are.


There is a battle within self happening right now.


You are both, beloved.


You can be about your money and goals, and also be about love and creativity.

You can be strong and also gentle.

You can be whatever you truly are.

All you need to do is learn how to incorporate these traits into your reality, in a balanced manner.


You also may find that this Cancer season brings you new love.


You might find yourself choosing between two personalities. The Knight of Pentacles, being grounded, focused, and working towards a material and financial goal. Then you have the Knight of Cups, dreamy, moving forward with an emotional understanding, and leaving behind fantasy and romance.

The Knight of Pentacles is considered to be an Earth sign like yourself, and the Knight of Cups is considered to be a Water sign.


You are both of these cards when you want to be, beloved. As much as you are grounded in this reality, is as much as you like to dream about more.


You may find yourself around two people like this, learning about yourself from the way they mirror you.


Be prepared to run into a twin flame on this new moon.



You can be as great as you actually are, beloved.

Don’t sell yourself short to fit in better with the people around you.

You’re a dynamic and innovative sign.

Nobody is as hard on you as you are on yourself.

Live a little.

Dabble in what makes you happy.

You’re so much more fun than you let people see.


In other words, do whatever you want for the rest of this Cancer season.

Take all the time you need to find your bliss.


The Knight of Pentacles and Knight of Cups:

Get out of my yard, I’m working on planting sunflowers

Get out of my studio, I’m busy with a new painting

The water, sun, earth, and air take care of the sunflowers

The water, sun, earth, and air take care of the painting


Hey, I can’t work in the yard today because it’s raining, wanna do something?

Hey, I can’t work on my painting today because it needs to dry, wanna do something?

The kitchen seems right

The colors on our plate are bright and presentable

The food is fresh and well cooked

The sun comes back out and the painting dries

The worker in the backyard, the artist in the studio

They love taking lunch breaks together

Your shadow wants to be friends

Call each other sometime for a dinner date

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