Pisces: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. Don’t fight the force. Become it.

Happy new moon, Pisces. 🦋💖😊 

img_5966Beloved, it looks like you’re being used as a vessel again by some very high energies. You may feel like you’re not in control of your life right now, and that time is currently strange and misleading.

Beloved, you’re in an initiation period, and whether you realize it or not, you’ve been going though these your entire life.

With so much stand still energy around you and within you, you may feel extremely overwhelmed and cynical right now.




Stop looking at your life and the way you are as something flawed. Stop trying to be logical, timely, and a hard worker if it’s not really who you are, beloved.


Do you really know thyself? Do you really trust in the Universe?


If you’re in a time where nothing seems to be moving forward, maybe your strong resistance to stay in one place is being tested. Ever thought of it that way?


Instead of feeling the need to sharpen your mind, work twice as hard as others, and change your reality, have you ever thought to just accept it as it is?


Beloved, the King of Swords as your outcome card suggest that on this new moon in Cancer, and throughout Cancer season, you’re going to try and act out of character because you aren’t truly confident in your own. The King of Swords is the card of an intellectual, sharp, and wise air sign. This is not who you are, beloved. As much as you like to cut through your own waters and play pretend like you’re of the same make as other humans, you are not.

Beloved, you are not only two fish tied together at the tale, meaning you are two people in one body that can never become separated, but you are also the entire ocean. You are the sign of the entire collective.


Whatever situation has you buried in your emotions, and distant from reality and everyone around you, disregarding your own feelings isn’t going to help you at all.


You’re very aware of the pain you’re experiencing. You’re very aware of the emotional weight sitting on your shoulders. You’re aware of all the hard work and change that needs to take place. But you have no idea how to execute this problem. You think you have to be like everyone else: get down to business, get logical, and fix things with poise and sharpness.

Wrong, beloved.

There isn’t only one way to execute such a large task.

Learn your own way, beloved.


The Hanged Man as your first card out affirms that you’re in a position in life where you’re learning how to live. You’re learning how to be who you are and accept your reality, accept yourself, and stay planted in one place.

As badly as you want to swim around with speed and explore, you can’t enjoy this right now, beloved. You’re learning something very important about yourself. Trust that this time period is helping you, even if it’s hurting.


The work that you have decided in your mind needs to be taken care of by you and you only, is a lonely journey ahead. This burden you’re carrying, beloved, will only dissolve once you allow the Universe to guide you. Once you understand that this battle in fact is not only yours and yours alone.

This emotional crisis you’re undergoing actually has a lot to do with higher source, and how you’e being orchestrated into a new understanding of who you are. Trust the process, beloved.

Stop resisting.

Let yourself be guided for once.

Like a fish in the sea, let the waves and tides of the ocean carry you home.


The Star and Seven of Cups as your energy cards is unique to your situation.

Beloved, you cannot resist transformation for one more second. You have to allow yourself be comfortable in your own vulnerability.

Take off your clothes and stand in the mirror by yourself.

This is who you are.

Your flesh and vessel, your thoughts and feelings, all of what you are is perfect.

Embrace yourself as divine.


A strong need for acceptance is present. Until you can dive into your own ocean of emotions, naked in your bare skin, and float in your own turmoil, will you be able to create a new reality for yourself.

You don’t need to change the details of your life. You don’t need to focus on money, friends, family, etc. You need to focus on your own transformation and emotional healing.


Beloved, a new you is being born.


The 7 of Cups indicates that you’re in contact with spirit. You may be experiencing vivid dreams, odd signs, spiritual experiences that you can’t really talk to anyone about.


This is normal for you, beloved. Spiritual attack is something you experience on a daily basis, but perhaps during this Cancer season, you may find yourself lost in the dream world again.

For quite some time.

But this is an opportunity to discover your desires. Cancer season for you will be a time where you can dance with the divine and get your spirits back up.

You’ve been feeling low, beloved.

You’re burdened by the reality of this physical world, and you want to be free in the ocean again.

Find your bliss.

You stay here by choice.


You may feel exhausted and drained by your reality because the dream realm is calling you to come back home.

You don’t belong here like the rest of us, beloved.

You belong with the divine.

Since you can’t join it, you must become it.


The Star and 7 of Cups is urging you to show the world who you really are.

Talk about your dreams and weird thoughts on this new moon. Express your emotions and find comfort in being vulnerable. Dabble into mysticism and spirituality, and use it as a resource for uncovering the layers of who you want to be. Unravel yourself, beloved. Tear off every mask you wear to disguise yourself. Burn each of them and touch your own face with hot hands.

The divine is with you, beloved.

If you ask for a sign, it will appear.


The Star and Seven of Cups:


There goes your body on your bed

Face planted in your pillows

Your room is inside of a fish bowl

With your head down in the dark, you don’t see the way everyone is looking at you with wonder in their eyes

What a strange being

Alive in a fish bowl, but laying facedown in a bed


You turn over and stare at the ceiling

For the first time ever you see bubbles and glass

Tap, tap, TAP

You look to your left and see a finger pushing through the wall of your closet

“This must be a hallucination”

But it isn’t

It never was

It never is

You’re supposed to show us something we’ve never seen before

What a waste of money for everyone who bought a ticket

We thought you were going to show us magic

Instead, you showed us what we already know

Lower your ticket prices, fish

We need the star of our show back

Call Neptune if you need ideas

Go back to sleep if you really want to quit

This isn’t a hallucination

You’re alive in a fish bowl and your life is a fantasy

Swim, fish


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