Sagittarius: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. New levels, new devils!

Two tens in one reading?

Of course, you of all signs is entering a brand new phase of life, and closing out an entire chapter.

If it’s anyone, it would be Sagittarius.

Happy new moon in Cancer, magical babes. 😭🌕😍🌹img_5949

Learn to play with your demons and they’ll stop haunting you. ✨


On this new moon, beloved, your entire life is shifting.

Everything is starting to turn a corner.

Transformation is now in full effect.

Can you feel the liveliness?


Nine of Cups out as your first card leads me to believe that on this new moon, beloved, and throughout Cancer season, you’re going to find yourself in a very happy place.

Your life is shifting in your favor, and where you want to be is exactly where you’re headed.


But, not on your behalf, beloved.


With The Tower and Seven of Wands as neighbors in the center of your reading, you can expect some abrupt changes that will advance you to a higher ground in your reality.

This happiness is something you can’t run from, beloved, but what you must defend and be prepared for.

A battle can be near, but you will come out on top, as winner.
This Tower moment can also play out as an internal breakthrough.

You may gain new insight or come into a new perspective that shakes the ground from right under you.


Embrace this leveling up, beloved.


Everything you’re experiencing right now is being constructed by the Universe to ultimately bring you to your greatest desires.


When you see luna sometime this week, let her know how much you love the magic she shares with you.


With Ten of Swords and Ten of Wands as your energy cards, whatever is dying this week, beloved, let it.

You have too much manifestation power to hold on to things that don’t serve you.

Every time you reject a blessing or hold on to something bad for you, you do yourself and the Universe an injustice.

This is why darkness can plague you.

Because you need to work on embracing and accepting your darkness without judging it.

People that live with darkness are very attractive and intriguing.

Take pride in all that you are and experience.


This new moon brings you final endings that have been long overdue.

By the full moon in Cancer later this month, you will be at a brand new chapter one, with an entire different reality and understanding of yourself.


For now, enjoy the road.

I hear it’ll be bumpy, but well worth the ride.



Ten of Swords and Ten of Wands:

The attic door was left open so you decided to take a peek

The ladder was left in the closet to the left, and all you needed were your hands and your feet

Thankfully having both, and a sense of adventure

You took flight up the steps, and opened the door of this dark and mysterious attic

When half of your body appeared inside of the ceiling, your eyes began to focus on the walls and floors of this dungeon

Posters, lamps, dust, and secrets

But the only thing visible was the outlines of each

No real sight, only darkness and visibility

A tiny lamp to your right seems to be alive, so you pull its string and light appears

The attic is empty and it’s walls are painted red

Welcome to hindsight

Your new life needs a paint job

Leave the attic and never go back

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