The Root Chakra Series: The Beginning.

We start at red.


“Things that once seemed absurd now are obvious.
You have been released from ten successive prisons,
each larger and containing the last.
The wide plain you’re on now,
do you feel it closing in?
It is possible
to reject and admit the same thing.”
– Rumi

The Root Chakra.  The first Chakra. The color red. Located at the bottom of the spine. The base. 

The Root Chakra is associated with our survival instincts and the Kundalini energy. 




The root.

Red, like flames,

or a cinnamon candy melting on your tongue

Red, like sex

The steam that rises to the ceiling and consumes the room

Two bodies in one moist bubble

Here we are again.

In the middle of the red.


My physical needs, and yours too

Dead and alive

Buried in blood red roses


in a flat valley of frankincense and dried roots


Belonging to the earth

Fighting for a soul

So many on the other side

Nothing belongs to you

But you wander where you went

And where they went, too



On fire

In the middle of an orgasm,

after your sweat becomes one with mine



But free



I am safe in my body.

I have a right to be here.

I fear nothing.

 I am protected.

My body supports me.

I belong here.

I am stable.

I am in control.

I have physical energy.

I am.




Red Jasper, Red Carnelian, Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Black Obsidian.

Red Candles. Red Roses. Red Lipstick. Red Clothes. Red Shoes. Red Foods. Red Wine. Fire.

Jasmine, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Patchouli.


The Root Chakra beginning:

I can’t love you when all of my bones are infused with fear and worry and ache

I don’t have a home, my love

I live moment to moment, and my trust is gone

I’m not protected by some higher force, because I control my life

It’s all on me, my love

I don’t have money

I don’t have support

I don’t have anything right now

There is nothing I have that I need

Because what I need is myself

And I want to give myself to this world,

and to you, my love

But not without myself


I feel the earth beneath my feet

But I still feel like I don’t belong


I want to belong, my love


I need support from this world

Not by you, or others, my love

But by this world,

and myself.




Stretch for 30 minutes every night. Stretch for 30 minutes every morning. Get the blood flowing in your body, and activate all of your muscles. Stand up straight and imagine yourself as a tree. Imagine your feet like roots, engraved deeply in the ground. Imagine the earth beneath you sending you strength and support. Imagine it as white light. Lay down flat on your back and wear something red. Drink a glass of red wine and buy yourself a red rose. Kiss someone with red lipstick on. Put on red lipstick. Read the affirmations above while you dance. Radiate your power after you receive it from source. Dance with your own frequency. Enjoy yourself. Do something bold and have no fear about the consequences. Know that you are protected. 


When the Root Chakra is imbalanced, a sense of defeat and fear can linger over your existence. You may feel like you don’t know where you truly belong. Or if the world isn’t in your favor some how. You may feel disconnected from the experience of a positive reality. Subtle, but deep depression is present. 

This is why the Root Chakra is the first Chakra. Without a solid foundation of your existence and a connection to your environment, progression is impossible. Life becomes more routine based. A disconnect from knowing you belong on earth, and you do not just produce and work for it. You have to know that you are a human being above anything else. You have to know that you are safe to do what you desire because you are eternally protected and encouraged to be happy. 

When the Root Chakra is healthy and activated, a sense of duty can be present. You feel connected to this world, and your physical vessel that lives in it. You believe that you can achieve what you need, and you are secure enough to move forward with power. You know that you are safe, and your life, if nothing else, does matter. You value your soul, and accept your body as source. 

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