The Sacral Chakra: The Beginning.

We start at orange.

“I stand up, and this one of me

turns into a hundred of me.

They say I circle around you.

Nonsense. I circle around me. 

I have lived on the lip 

of insanity, wanting to now reasons, 

knocking on a door. It opens. 

I’ve been knocking from the inside!

Real value comes with madness,

maztub below, scientist above.

Whoever finds love

beneath hurt and grief

disappears into emptiness

with a thousand new disguises.

Dance, when you’re broken open.

Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.

Dance in the middle of the fighting.

Dance in your blood.

Dance, when you’re perfectly free. ”

– Rumi


The Sacral Chakra. The second Chakra. The color orange. Located below the Navel. The lower yummy tummy. 

The Sacral Chakra is associated with our sensations, emotions, and creativity. In other words, pleasure



The yummy tummy.

Ovaries blossoming into flowers.

Penis’s ejecting rose oils.

Orange, like life, and heat.

Hot and heavy.

Dripping in sweat.

A sunflower blooms out of your navel

and fills your lungs with love

Here we are again.

In the middle of the orange.

Falling in love and falling apart

Afraid to orgasm,

and afraid of desire

Chains and wounds,

sitting on your yummy tummy

Did you know that orange looks good on you?

Happiness does too

You kiss each other for the first time and feel your senses vibrating

You want sex

You want love

You want a bright and sunny story to tell


You never knew you were beautiful and enchanting

until you become a lover


All of the lust repressed in you now dissolves into a puddle of orange

What flavor is your favorite?

Choose what brings you balance and passion

The sun is your friend

The sun is the love of your life

The sun sits inside of your pelvis area


Do nothing but absorb her rays.



I am emotionally stable

I am a creative being

My sexuality is sacred

I am desirable and worthy of love

I create healthy boundaries

I am comfortable in my body

I allow my feelings to move through me

I am filled with joy

I am a lover

I live in the moment



Orange Carnelian, Rose Aura Quartz, Gardenia, Damiana, Snowflake Obsidian, Sweet Orange.

Sunlight. Sunflowers. Salt lamps. Pumpkins. The season Fall. Warmth. Sweat.


The Sacral Chakra beginning: 

Whenever you try and touch me I become so engulfed in my sensations that I quiver from your finger tips

How do I know that you aren’t going to use me?

Hurt me?

Join me in this sacred act just to leave me lonely.

There are dragonflies in my tummy

I give kisses nothing less than yummy

Do you really value my temple and soul?


The way my eyes roll to the back of my head

I am struck with fear

Kiss me again

Touch me again

Love me like you mean it

Or don’t do it at all

Make love to me like you mean it

Or don’t do it at all



Imagine a sunflower growing inside of your navel. Rub orange essential oil over your lower stomach. Smell gardenias. Sit under the sun and smile. Stretch your body and spread your legs. Touch yourself. Fantasize over yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and wink. Buy fresh flowers. Eat fruit. Sleep with a salt lamp on. Wear orange lipstick. Leave your hair alone. Dance. Dance dirty. Have a strip tease with yourself. Dance, dance, dance. Talk to the divine. Say “I love you” to yourself in the mirror. Tell the sun about all your dreams. Sun gaze until your back starts sweating. Don’t do any drugs for 11 days. Sleep two extra hours overnight. Drink 3x more water than you already do. Take care of your body like you would a child. Get to know the child in you. Fall in love fearlessly, and give them your body. If they don’t value you fully in their body and soul, let go, and never come back. Be filled with joy and movement. Express all of the art that sits dormant inside of you. Be what you want most. 


The Sacral Chakra in many ways is ones desires. Not the ones you desperately need, but the ones that you believe make your life better. This is the sun that sits inside of us. It is love and sexuality and creativity. When this Chakra is imbalanced, a person can feel deeply insecure and uncomfortable with expressing themselves. A person can have a substance abuse problem, and feel not in control of their emotions. Feelings of being stuck and trapped, undesirable, and sexually dissatisfied. 

Before we know how to access our will, and after we learn where we belong, we must discover what we feel. The Sacral Chakra is your own place. This is where you go to experience intimacy, love, inspiration, and joy. 

When the Sacral Chakra is healthy and activated, a person can be radiant. They may have very high self esteem and exude natural confidence. They can have a healthy sex life, and take great care of their body. There is a sense of enteral worth that never fades. Happiness that always persists. Creativity that is always present. Sunshine. 

You must be comfortable in your body and know that you are worthy of love. The Sacral Chakra allows for us to share who we are with the world. You must feel comfortable expressing yourself to others. You must not find reasons to be distrusting and dissatisfied with people. You must be open to loving. Open to living. Open to dancing. The Sacral Chakra activates when one is ready to dance through life. And do believe it beloved, that this dance lasts a lifetime. 












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