Aquarius: New Moon in Leo, 2017. Positive movement forward!


img_7362This new moon brings you an abundance of love.

But it will be traveling through your veins fast.


What are you working towards, beloved?

And how much value do you have in your heart for it?


What matters most to you now?

There isn’t a single moment to waste.


Whatever desires are living in your heart right now will be overflowing with life force.

You can’t sit on your emotions for one more second.


Every action your take towards you future requires a piece of your heart intact.

The days of only focusing on your intellectual pursuits are over.

You’re gaining a greater emotional stance.

You’re being filled with courage to fight for the life you want.


No matter what it takes.


Your heart is now begging to belong, begging to be used by you, begging for you to recognize the power of its existence.

Do you know the sound of your hearts voice?

It would benefit you to listen…


What’s alive in the center of your soul, beloved?

Start there.


This new moon is bringing fire energy to propel you forward.

The fight to create positive and productive change within your reality begins with acknowledging the depths of your desires.


Your will power is getting stronger by the day.


You can work from your heart space without getting carried away.

That’s the gift of being an air sign.


This new moon brings forth the question, “what really matters to me?

It is love.

It is integrity.

It is the drive alive inside of you.

It is the victory lap you’re already imagining yourself taking.


By the end of this lunar cycle, you will be more aligned with your intuition.

You’ll trust your inner wisdom to guide you more than anything or anyone else.


Change will be happening fast because for the first time in a while, your mind and heart are on the same page, and both want to move forward with zest.


There are changes you need to make, and parts of your reality that still need adjustment—

but you are willing to do the work, and make decisions based on what’s best for your future.

When you know what matters most to your soul, there is no way you can make a mistake.

Keep this abundant attitude with you for the next two weeks, and more love will flow through you with warmth.


What to focus on this new moon:

What motivates you?

What brings you warmth inside?

Who and what do you love?

Where can you be more productive?

What habits are negative and no longer serve you?

How can you create more change in your life without frustration?

How deep is your trust?

How real is your faith?

How much do you value for your soul?


Instead of carrying a sword with you this lunar cycle, carry a wand instead. 


Happy new moon in Leo 🙂


With Love,

Oyeezy Vibes

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