Aries: New Moon in Leo, 2017. Healing the wounds others have inflicted on you!



It’s time you walk the road of love.

It’s time you walk it alone.


watch your steps…

If you don’t run into drama, and chaos, perhaps a little deception—-

You might run into yourself.

In the mirror.

Staring at your own soul.

True love and an expansion of creative potential is opening for you now.


People hate to see you doing well, don’t they?

When usually they were the cause for why you weren’t well?

Oh, trust me. I know, beloved.


Work on whatever doesn’t make you miserable and sad.

Whatever makes you miserable and sad, find a way to remove it from your life forever.

You are not a victim.

You are a leader.


When you honor yourself and your journey, enemies find you, but so do lovers.

Choose to love.



Your greatest priority this new moon:

Becoming a lover, even if you’re alone.

Forgiving the people who have caused you pain.

Working to get yourself out of any situations that bring you into a poverty stricken mindset and lower your self esteem.

Removing yourself from people who don’t care about your happiness, or want what’s best for you.



The 8 of Pentacles with the 5 of Pentacles indicates that throughout this next lunar cycle you will be working on bringing yourself out of the dark. You will be focused on clearing out any lingering negative thoughts.


If you’re single, love is definitely beginning for you. 🙂

If partnered, your bond is going to go through a new period of connection and vulnerability. Allow your senses to be heightened and indulge in the love from your partner. It will be good for you.

Give more hugs to people for the next two weeks, and show more of your soft side.


All opposition and envy you face this cycle regarding others serves as a stepping stool to get you closer to your heart space. Forgiveness is important, beloved.


Happy new moon in Leo!


With Love,

Oyeezy Vibes

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