Capricorn: New Moon in Leo, 2017. Doing what’s best for YOU!


img_7351And just like that, your energy is back.

You’re focused again.

You’ve taken your power back.


What comes next, beloved?

You’re throwing yourself into a brand new direction.


A brand new vision is being born.

A journey awaits you.


This new moon is zapping you with all sorts of optimism about the future.

You have a brand new dream for your life that you know must be walked alone.

But that does not mean you don’t have help and support near by.



The chapter you’re entering now requires you to be vulnerable enough to ask for help when you need it. To love when you don’t feel like loving. To reach out into corners you always thought were dry and empty.


You are a lover.

Your survival instincts are intact.


You know what awaits you wont be found without a fight.

It’s time to fight for your heart, beloved.


You’ve spent far too many months alone and afraid.

You’ve made far too many decisions based on your fears.

There is no more room for negativity and doubt, beloved.


This new moon is blessing you with enthusiasm.

Use it.

You’re ready for love again.


You feel passion radiating in your veins again.

You love this feeling.



You have a new need for order and structure like never before.

You have a plan now that really makes sense.

It’s inspiring, beloved!

Be proud of yourself.

You’ve grown so much in just one season.


This new journey—

You know who will be a part of it, how it can be done, how it will be percieved—- etc.

You’re gaining more control over your belief system.

Blessings are flowing to you now with more ease.


Be fruitful.

Be flirtatious.

Be gentle with yourself.

But also, be firm in your emotions.


You have a solid foundation supporting who you are and what you believe in.

Every step you take now towards your goals will be succesful.


The Universe has blessed you with 2 Aces.

If you succeed once, you can succeed twice.


As long as you know what you’re after, what you’re worth, and what you believe in-

the rest is already being handled, beloved.


Be open to love.

It’s also safe to start loving yourself again.


What you begin now will be long-lasting and beneficial.

Believe in yourself and honor the desires that live in your heart.

Everything you’re coming for is already yours.


What to focus on this new moon:

What’s your niche?

What type of partner are you looking for?

What makes you happy?

Where is abundance always available for you?

Without your material world vision, what vision lives inside of your heart space?

Prove how much you value commitment and love.

Believing in yourself is a requirement for success.

Love is beneficial to growth.

Water your own seeds.

Bloom a flower in yourself and give it to someone special.


Happy new moon in Leo 🙂


With Love,

Oyeezy Vibes




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