Gemini: New Moon in Leo, 2017. The discovery of inner wealth!



There is a hand to hold.

There is a love to experience.

There is a creative project to start.

There is a message from spirit trying to reach you regarding your individuality, and the way you assert yourself in reality.


Who are you, beloved?

Who do you run to?

What inspires you?

How does mysticism make you feel about the world and your purpose in it?


Being a sign of magic and all………


Passion will be ignited for you on this new moon.

You need it.

Love is brewing.



You’re coming into a period of time where your inner child and inner artist is emerging to the surface.

It would benefit you greatly to find a new muse. ❤

Find a hand to hold.

Find an ear to listen to you speak about your dreams.


Love and art will change your life this next lunar cycle.

These artistic and romantic experiences will radically transform your identity.


Connection to others is building the strength of your identity.


Spirit is playing games with you, and you should play back.




You’re it.


There will be no major changes happening for you on this new moon, but a new love and mystical vision may appear.

This will be a period where you’re focus on being consistent.

You can manifest whatever you want right now.

Just don’t get ahead of yourself-


Stay on course and in route to the road that leads you to happiness.

The Universe is supplying you with creative potential in order for you to have substance behind your manifestations.


This is the beginning of a new magical world you experience reality in.

How does it feel to be so favored by the divine?


You’re on the right path.

In case you were wondering.


What to focus on this new moon:

Consistency towards your goals.

Red glitter.

Water signs.

Your spirit guides.

Your connection to the divine.

The way you pace yourself.

Learning to rise out of negative thought patterns and emotional poverty.


But above all, beloved—


Learning to have more faith in the divine and trusting in the idea that it never fails you.


Happy full moon in Leo 🙂


With Love,

Oyeezy Vibes


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