Libra: New Moon in Leo, 2017. Back to the basics!


img_7331This will be a practical period for you.

This new moon is slowing you down, beloved.

It’s time for you to take a look at your harvest and learn new ways to be productive and create positive change in your life.

This transition into a more productive life will be a phase you enter alone.

Information is missing from you.

There is wisdom you are in need of.


For this next lunar cycle you will be making practical changes that bring you into a period of introversion.

Many of your buried emotions and desires are surfacing.


What are you really looking for, beloved?

What do you feel like you’re missing?


This will be on your mind now.


What you find on this journey will be the missing pieces to your puzzle.

Once this inner puzzle is put together, you will find yourself by the end of this lunar cycle, making forward movement in a brand new direction.

A new horizon will show itself to you, and your feet will begin to walk somewhere you’ve never been before.


The gift of this new moon for you is an overwhelming amount of love for yourself.

And the way you so effortlessly rise to an authority position in your life, when need be.


You have many emotions regarding control

How do you control yourself?

What is control?

What is too under control?

What needs more control?

Can love be controlled?

Can passion be controlled?


The way you organize your intentions and express your emotional stance on things will be the cause of whatever changes for you during this cycle.

But in your Libra nature, you’d like to believe you can always balance out and control the level of your scales.

Instead of trying to control your desires, control the way you pursue and execute them.

Emotional abundance is on its way to you.


It will be the root of all that is moving.


What to focus on this new moon:

What habits hold you back?

How well do you manage your love and time?

How much value do you place on love?

Are you in control of what you feel more than your need to control the feelings of others?

What patterns of yours are negative?

What’s working well for you?

Where do you want to be by the time Virgo season starts?

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?


Happy new moon in Leo 🙂


With Love,

Oyeezy Vibes




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