Pisces: New Moon in Leo, 2017. Boundaries!!!


img_7369Who deserves your time, beloved?

The first lie we’re told is that the love we seek is outside of ourselves

This is a message for you on this new moon.


You’ve been trying to be more helpful and patient with your loved ones.

Also with yourself.

You’ve been trying to be the hand to hold, the pocket to pull from, the ear to listen—-

But who does it for you, beloved?


Until you learn your own value, you will not be able to move forward and master your skills.


This new moon is magnifying the need for you to detach from the people who lean on you, and for you to begin the process of self mastery.


If someone is taking more of your energy then they are providing you with then they’re doing you a disservice. And you’re doing yourself a disservice by allowing them.


Fairness isn’t too much to ask for, beloved.

You don’t have to save everyone.

Especially when you’re still trying to save yourself.



How long are you willing to stay in the same place because of the people around you who use you as a crutch?

What crosses the boundaries for you?


Define help

Compare it to slavery



You are in no way obligated to put your life on hold for others anymore.

Your time to cut ties is now.

Your time to burn bridges is now.


On the flip side,

Your time to build new relationships and partnerships is now.

Your time to connect to people who equally give and take from you is now.

You don’t have to be the hero in other peoples stories. You can save yourself.


This new moon is forcing you to inflict boundaries onto people.

And to also have the courage to ask people for help when you need it.



You are mastering your skills.

And this is a creative process that requires time and discernment.


Who is helping you pave the road ahead, and who is standing in your way?


There is nothing to gain from crying over spilled milk.

Anyone who has shown you their true colors, it would benefit you greatly to believe them the first time.


Why the need for second chances?

Take a chance on yourself this time.


The moment you stop carrying guilt over situations from the past that you cant mend or change, is the moment you become a machine of manifestation.



You have so much value and magic swirling inside of you that others can’t bare to see.

Don’t allow yourself to be deceived by the envious, or the selfish.


This new moon asks you to stop dwelling over how others are perceiving you, and to start focusing in on the details of how you perceive yourself.

You’re coming into a period of manifestation where the only way you will be stopped, is if you allow outer forces to stomp on your tracks.


You know who truly supports you, and who truly doesn’t.


What is more important is how much you support yourself.


Everyone will come back to you when you’ve risen out of your scrimmage.

The tournament will begin at the end of this lunar cycle.


Distractions are your worst enemy.

You’re your own bestfriend.


Make every move look like magic.

Make everyone question how you got it done.


You’re finding your soul group.

The reason it is so important for you to get rid of people who don’t fully appreciate you is because you need to make space in your heart for the people who will.


Stop allowing people attach to you like leaches.


What happens when you try to grab a fish?

It slips right out of your hand.


Keep this metaphor in your mind this lunar cycle.

You are most firm when you swim free.


What to focus on this new moon:

Who uses you?

Who have you given more to than they have given you?

Where is your time and energy being spent?

How can you gain more control over your time?

What gets in the way of your productivity?

How are you becoming a better you?

How much time are you investing in yourself and the mastery of your skills?

What holds you back because it grabs at your emotions?

What liberates you?


Happy full moon in Leo 🙂


With Love,

Oyeezy Vibes

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