Sagittarius: New Moon in Leo, 2017. Nothing will ever be the same!


img_7341You might as well enjoy the path you’re on because after this new moon cycle ends, you’ll be reaching a destination point.

Nothing is the same anymore.

Can you feel the shifts of energy?


Are you having fun, beloved?

I hope so.


You’ve been good mannered these days. You know where you’re headed and what it takes to get there, but do you know how close you are to the illusion of this finale?

Yes, beloved.



You can move freely if you want to.

You can switch paths.

You can navigate somewhere else.

Take a back road if you’d like—


The point is,

If you aren’t happy with the life you’re experiencing, then why continue living it this way?

You don’t have to finish the things you start.


This new moon is requiring you to put an end to all paths that don’t lead to happiness.

This new moon is requiring you to make a decision based upon your hearts desires.

You cant be so good at having tunnel vision that you start looking at your life through a keyhole.

There is more to life than reaching a destination, beloved, or whatever is coming next.


You are allowed to enjoy each moment for what it is.


By the end of this lunar cycle if you’re still at a stand off with yourself and not living a life that brings you joy, then you’re the only one to blame.


Stand up to your fear, beloved.

Fight for your own happiness.

Battle against your own psyche with love.


There is much for you to celebrate and be proud of.

So why continue to focus on what went wrong?

Why focus on what you can’t change?


This new moon is asking you to throw away your logic, and activate your drive.


You are still growing and transforming, beloved.

The road you think is best may not be the road for you at all.


Let yourself be open to change.


Don’t spend one more minute engulfed in negativity, doubting and fearing your own future—

You create it.


You have the energy and ability to create your own reality.


A better life begins with a better you.


Wash away everything that holds you back from joy.

By the end of this lunar cycle, everything will be different.


Create what you want to experience.

Let optimism consume you and be the driving force towards your transformation.


Loosen your grip and let everything unfold.

This is surrender.


What to focus on this new moon:

How far you’ve come.

How much you’ve learned and grown.

Your gifts and talents.

What makes you happy.

Love and romance.

Who accepts you for who you are?

Do you?

Have more fun with your friends.

Buy them more rounds.

Get more sleep.

Don’t let the idea of transformation and change scare you.

Embrace who you’ve become.


Happy new moon in Leo 🙂


With Love,

Oyeezy Vibes

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