Taurus: New Moon in Leo, 2017. Mental clarity grants you an awakening of power!


img_7184Keeping a clear head will help you in gathering the fruits of your labor this next lunar cycle.

Because of the mental diligence you’re experiencing now, clarity is yours to keep this new moon.

You know what your future holds.

You know what makes you happy.

You know how hard you’ve worked for this.


You and your mind are in close contact these days, beloved.



Do you know about your demons and desires?

Do you know their rhythm and the way they dance?


On this new moon you will be dancing with your indulgence.

Something you often enjoy doing.


You will be discovering the way a clear mind can grant a deep soul.


The effectiveness of your thinking is opening a portal for you to tap into your senses.


Your desires will be influencing the way you feel about the harvest you have.

A need for more, a need for more danger and excitement

— The thrill of it all, beloved…


You might find yourself questioning if what you have right now, and if who you are at this time in your life is still enough.


It is.

It always is.


Don’t let darkness deceive you.


Keep pushing forward.

It’s okay to walk the line.

It’s also okay to walk in the shadows of your mind.


Light and darkness coexist in reality.

We have both inside, and each matter equally.


There is something in the dark you’re looking for.

Something there that you need to see.

A secret you need to find in the basement of your soul.


Controversy and competition will be present.

But you are in too powerful of a position to be effected.

All controversy you experience will simply be practice.


You’re becoming a boss, beloved, and learning the keys to manifestation.


Be cautious with who you tell your plans to.


Only discuss creative matters with people you trust.


Keep in mind on this new moon:

You are in control of what you show the world.

You are not in control of what your soul shows you.

You don’t have to deal your hand.

You can hold onto your cards for as long as you want to.

You are in a place of manifestation and people are jealous of how easy you make it look.

Magic is in your hands because it exists in your heart.



Bring it into your reality.

Banish your darkness with all the more light.


Happy new moon in Leo 🙂


With Love,

Oyeezy Vibes

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